original title: Ali full moon market capitalization evaporated $25 billion

as of yesterday (October 19th), Alibaba group full month. This created many deified technology company shares is still strong? What are the latest trends in the future? What is the layout of the


closed on Friday, Ali shares fell to $87.91, compared with the highest price in September 19th when the company IPO $99, a decrease of up to 11.1%. Its market value of $220 billion 920 million, compared to the beginning of the listing, evaporated about $25 billion. read more

Jingdong released an open letter Double 11 has become the whole retail industry Festival

Jingdong released an open letter: Double 11 has become the whole retail industry holiday

October 30th afternoon news today, Jingdong issued "to the national media partner of a letter" open letter pointed out: 11.11 of the retail industry has become one of the festival, but also the consumer online shopping carnival. An electricity supplier (Note: Alibaba) to legal means for holiday acts contrary to the spirit of the Internet open.

Jingdong said in the letter, the last two weeks, the country’s major television stations, radio stations, outdoor media, Internet media advertising business people are the same thing by a business enterprise through the promotion letter "notice" a letter to the media not to demand for other commercial enterprises issued "double cloth eleven" advertisement. read more

When double 11 more and more like the Spring Festival evening show how to play is a surprise


] November 5th news billion state power network, near the double 11, billion state power network in Shanghai organized more than and 10 brands of closed door discussions. Compared with the previous five double the double this year, the warming of the atmosphere was significantly reduced double, the brand that more and more like the double Spring Festival Gala, there is no impulse to stimulate no more surprise, all in the conventional operation of the war in, 11, and more than two times.

"double 11 this year is sixth times, 11 double operation business to become more rational, from the budget, stocking, customer service and other aspects are preheated to experience; from the perspective of Tmall, it is difficult to find new ways to stimulate growth, from various brands PC terminal according to the number of projections, this year compared to last year to 30% growth was the limit of 11; while the consumer is no longer double impulse, just like the Chinese new year, eating dumplings, watching the Spring Festival Gala must have." The brands told billion state power network, from the perspective of the parties this year 11 certainly not used can have many exciting point statement. read more

Nanzhao flowers Network we how to do B2B vertical business platform

on the Internet and the impact of e-commerce, traditional enterprises have net, to seek the transformation, online selling steel can achieve turnover of 90 billion in 3 years, the plastic can also be sold online through 6 months of growth to achieve monthly increase of 300 times the volume of transactions, vertical electric business is ushering in a period of vigorous development.

but for the distribution segment is more complex, a huge amount of goods B2B vertical electricity supplier, the information platform is not enough to support the market demand, the transaction closed loop platform has arrived. The following is the reflections on the B2B vertical electric business website operation and Nanzhao network: read more

World factory was awarded a credit card to help improve the electricity supplier credit system

day before the world factory won the AAA level credit certificate issued by the Chinese Electronic Commerce Association, which marks the world factory with excellent website content, real transaction information and the characteristics of customer service, won the trust and recognition of the authority of the state department. AAA grade credit rating certificate issued by China Electronic Commerce Association to the world factory network

is reported that the certificate is a credit rating of the Ministry of Commerce pre rating certificate, divided into A, AA, AAA three levels. By China Association of small and medium enterprises credit management center, Chinese Electronic Commerce Association standard application promotion center jointly established the "letter Star Program Management Center" evaluation, to purify and improve the ecological environment of e-commerce, improve e-commerce enterprises in the market in credit and visibility. read more

The network domain name cybersquatting Yangzhou no money

"laugh" was registered by

"do you know" Sanxiao "Mister, help me, I put this" Sanxiao domain name transfer to them, "as long as you can recover the cost on the line."

recently, the general manager of a network company, Mr. Gao met customer Mr. Cao, Cao proposed above, and Mr. smiled and shook his head. According to Mr. Gao introduced, at least ten customers to ask him for help, please contact the domain name transfer.

last year, to convince a network company clerk, Mr. Cao invested tens of million yuan, registered the "laugh", "Five" Yangzhou well-known brands such as domain names, but after repeated communication, "laugh", "love" and the two companies have no intention of buying. read more

Tmall fashion group reached a strategic cooperation with the electricity supplier trends

20 autumn and winter trends

animal patterns, deep V temptation, destiny jewelry, mosaic, fashion, fur robe exaggerated power, high street movement, feminist fashion, 60s, Bohemia, classic plaid, knitting, gold, eternal youth gentle tannins, stylish outdoor, mini handbags, peace SHUNFA, porcelain muscle skin, eye makeup, nude make-up Aqua metal

news August 15th, Tmall reached a strategic cooperation with the fashion group, the new starting will appear in a large fashion and the fashion show form to Tmall consumers, while the release of the latest 20 autumn and winter trends keywords and 2015 spring and summer fashion trend forecasting. This also means that the first release of the trend of fashion electricity supplier. read more