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Redwoods snaps 29-game losing streak, beats SJCC in opener

first_imgFor the first time in a long time, College of the Redwoods men’s basketball — winless a season ago — has something to celebrate.Thomas Nelson scored 29 points, Drew Gillette added 21 more and Redwoods overcame a 50-42 halftime deficit to win its season opener at San Jose City College 89-82, Thursday afternoon on day one of the SJCC San Jose Tipoff tournament.Redwoods entered Thursday riding a 29-game losing streak dating back to early February in 2018.They are 1-0 under the direction of …last_img read more

Soweto’s new business school

first_imgA young entrepreneur sells fruit tocommuters in the Johannesburg citycentre.(Image: Chris Kirchhoff,MediaClubSouthAfrica.com. For more freephotos, visit the image library.)Wilma den HartighA new entrepreneur academy has been launched at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) Soweto Campus. Given the current uncertainty about the economy, the new facility couldn’t have opened its doors at a better time.The academy will teach business and life skills to needy but deserving young people between the ages of 18 and 27, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.Thandeka Kunene, programme coordinator of the academy, said the goal is to develop both entrepreneurial acumen and self-confidence in students.“If school leavers are equipped with the appropriate skills to start up businesses, they do not have to face the uncertainty of unemployment in the current economic climate,” Kunene said.A recession does not mean that there are no opportunities, she said.“If ordinary people have such skills and they know they can do it, they don’t have to feel helpless. Importantly, they also don’t have to turn to crime,” she said. She is hopeful that those students who start up their own businesses will also in time employ other people.The initiative was pioneered by Raymond Ackerman, chairperson of Pick n Pay. The academy forms part of the recently launched Centre for Small Business Development. The Raymond Ackerman Academy, in partnership with Goldman Sachs, the global investment bank, first opened in 2004 at the University of Cape Town.The programme will accommodate 50 students and run for six months, twice a year. During this time, students have to attend classes where they will receive instruction in life, business and entrepreneur skills. Students also have to get work experience, draw up a business plan and set up a business.Kunene explained that the work experience is a vital component of the six-month programme. In partnership with a placement agency, the academy will assess each person’s area of interest and place the student accordingly.“Once the work experience is completed, they receive feedback on what makes them employable or not. Some students will eventually even stay on in that job,” she said.Students also have the opportunity to present their business plans produced throughout the duration of the course to a panel of academics, successful entrepreneurs, banks and small business funders. The most promising entrepreneurs will receive a prize, consisting of a grant and a low-interest loan to start up their businesses.Students who don’t receive this award, but show promise, will be helped by the academy to find alternative funding. They will also be assigned a mentor to assist them in setting up the business. The academy will monitor their progress for three years.Of the 100 students who will complete the programme this year, academy staff predict about 30 will become entrepreneurs, 60 who are not cut out for business will find employment, and 10 will choose further education.Related articles‘Dream on,’ says BransonSA and US to educate executives UCT voted Africa’s best business school Useful linksUniversity of Johannesburglast_img read more

Alleviate compaction to reduce yield losses

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Matt Hutcheson, CCA, Product Manager, Seed Consultants, Inc.As a result of the wet spring weather there was a great deal of variability in corn and soybean fields in 2019. Early rainy weather caused wet soil conditions early in the growing season, flooded areas of fields, and resulted in fields that had to be replanted. Although in many cases the saturated soil conditions stunted crop growth, in some cases compaction is to blame. Field work this spring when soils were too wet or “marginal” created yield-limiting shallow compaction, smearing of the seed furrow, etc.In the 2012-01 issue of the C.O.R.N. Newsletter Randall Reader and Alan Sundermeier state that “Years of OSU Extension research on Hoytville silty clay loam showed that through compaction, 10% to 15% of the potential crop yield was being left in the field.” Horizontal root development and poor root development in general are indications of soil compaction. Sidewall compaction greatly limited root growth in some fields this year. Crop growth problems above ground such as stunting or Sudden Death Syndrome in soybeans can also be clues that compaction exists. In areas of fields where these symptoms existed this year, growers should determineif they have compaction and alleviate it when soil conditions allow for field work this fall or next spring.last_img read more

Google Search Gets Personal: Social Search Launches in Google Labs

first_imgRelated Posts Sources: Gmail Contacts, Google Reader Subscriptions and Your Google ProfileSocial Search can tab into three different sources, so you will need accounts on at least one of these services to make Social Search work. Social search uses the Gmail contacts you have added to your friends and coworker lists and those you have chatted with on Google Talk. Social search also looks at your Google Reader subscriptions and the social networking profiles you have added to your Google Profile. While you don’t need to have a Google Profile, this service is a hub for your social networking profile on Social Search. Based on the information in your Google Profile, Google can auto-detect your social networking profiles and your friends on services like Flickr, FriendFeed, YouTube, Reddit, Digg, del.icio.us, BrightKite and many others. How it Works and How to Trigger Social Search ExplicitlyOnce activated, Social Search results will appear at the bottom of the standard search results page and will be clearly labeled as “results from people in your social circle.” As Google’s search evangelist Matt Cutts pointed out to us in an interview earlier today, it is important to note that not every search will trigger Social Search results. When it does, however, the results should be highly relevant. You can also explicitly trigger Social Search from the search options panel. There, Google will now also present a list of your friends that it thinks are the most closely related to the keywords you were searching for. By clicking on a name, you can restrict your search even further and just see results from this one person. Social Search Makes Google Profiles More UsefulThis new feature will also put a new emphasis on Google Profiles. Google has made some moves to make these profiles more prominent by highlighting some profiles when users search for people, but Google Profiles has generally not received a lot of attention from users. Now, however, as the hub for Social Search, users have an incentive to fill out their profiles – which, of course, will also give Google more information about you and your social network.Privacy Concerns?We talked to Google Fellow Amit Singhal, search evangelist Matt Cutts, and Maureen Heymans (the Technical Lead for Social Search) and Murali Viswanathan (the Product Manager for Social Search) earlier today and the team was obviously excited about this launch. The Social Search team was especially excited about the fact social search will now make your friends’ knowledge far more accessible than ever before and that this will make it easier to find trusted product reviews and local search results. Social Search just went live in Google Labs. Google announced that it was working on this Social Search feature at the Web 2.0 Summit last week, but at that time, Google’s Marissa Mayer announced that it would only be available “in a few weeks.” Social Search taps into a user’s social network profiles and displays relevant links and status updates that members of a user’s own social network have shared at the bottom of the default search results page. According to Google, Social Search will enhance the search experience on Google by providing users with more personally relevant search results.To get started, you first have to head over to Google Labs‘s experimental section and activate this feature. For now, Social Search will only be available in the US and in English. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#Google#news#NYT#web A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… We also asked the team about how they thought users would react to the fact that Google indexes and surfaces all of their social networking profiles and connections, which could spark some privacy concerns. In reaction to this, Matt Cutts pointed out that all of the info that Google indexes is already publically available on the Internet, including a user’s friend connections. He also stressed that this was an opt-in experiment.Social Search as “A Big Chess Move Against Facebook”As our own Marshall Kirkpatrick pointed out last week, Social Search can also be seen as a “big chess move against Facebook.” Both Google and Facebook want users to come to their sites to see what their friends are saying about a given topic. Google, however, can’t tap into your social circle on Facebook and hence won’t be able to highlight status updates from your Facebook friends, which explains why Google needed to make a deal with Twitter to get access to status updates from their service. frederic lardinois 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Microsoft Offers Unfinished HTML5 Features in Internet Explorer 9 for Developers Only

first_imgMicrosoft is now offering features for Internet Explorer 9 for developers wishing to work with parts of HTML5 that have particularly unstable specifications. This allows Microsoft to keep Internet Explorer 9 consumer friendly by keeping only the parts of HTML5 that are “site ready” while giving developers the tools they need to learn about new technologies and give feedback. The features can be downloaded from a new site called HTML5 Labs.HTML5 Labs is offering two prototype specifications: IndexDB and WebSockets. WebSockets support was recently pulled from Firefox and Opera due to security concerns. This is exactly why Microsoft is choosing to make features like this opt-in and for developers only.Jean Paoli, the general manager for interoperability strategy, explains the reason for the creation of HTML5 Labs in a MSDN blog post:In the IE9 product, developers can expect site-ready HTML5 so they can take advantage of the best of HTML5 that is ready and can still experiment with emerging HTML5 with HTML5 Labs. By keeping these separate, developers get what they need without the negative consequences of co-mingling very different things in the same browser.IE9 offers support for the most relevant, real-world web patterns that developers are using today as well as the HTML5 patterns we expect to become more mainstream. By relevant and real-world, we mean the technologies with the broadest impact for browser users (e.g. CSS ahead of MathML). By support, we mean providing developers a consistent programming model that enables the same mark-up. The goal is supporting great new capabilities, ideally in a way that interoperates or will interoperate soon across browsers.Installation and configuration of these specs is a manual process and requires Internet Explorer 9 Beta.Image by Justin Watt Tags:#hack#Tools klint finley How to Write a Welcome Email to New Employees? 7 Types of Video that will Make a Massive Impac…center_img Related Posts Why You Love Online Quizzes Growing Phone Scams: 5 Tips To Avoidlast_img read more

5 Top Marketing Blogs by Entrepreneurs

first_imgWhy Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Tags:#start#tips Entrepreneurs always seem to have great insights to share derived from their very real experiences. Unlike most people, many entrepreneurs are an open book, willing to share everything they know and have done with anyone willing to listen. They’re thankful for all those other entrepreneurs they looked up to when they were just starting out, who were sharing all of their great, unfiltered wisdom. In no particular order, here is a list of top marketing blogs written by entrepreneurs who, rather than just being analysts and observers of how great marketing works, have implemented successful marketing campaigns for their businesses. Danny Wong is the co-founder of Blank Label Group and runs the e-commerce startups Blank Label, Thread Tradition and RE:custom. Noah KaganWhile Kagan doesn’t update OkDork.com too frequently, you most certainly get gems of information from the guy who used to work as a product manager at Facebook and was the director of marketing at Mint.com. Having worked at a company that sold to Intuit for $170 million in two years, Kagan certainly knows how to build a business for success. Just sample a few of his great posts and see for yourself. How to Hire a Great Marketing PersonStartup Advertising Spend CalculatorDaily Accountability Marketing MetricsGabriel WeinbergWeinberg’s personal blog is one of the most comprehensive marketing blogs (when he blogs about marketing) out there. As founder of DuckDuckGo, a search engine serving up millions of queries each month, he knows how to get the word out. He’s even writing a book on getting traction for startups, and, as part of the process, he’s been doing video interviews with successful entrepreneurs, which you can see here. Traction VerticalsMy Experiences with Ad.lyA FB Ad Targeted at One Person (my wife)Michael Fox22Michaels.com is perhaps the most transparent entrepreneur blog I’ve ever seen. Michael Fox is the co-founder of custom women’s shoes site Shoes of Prey, which has received 1.5 million visits in the last three months. Fox reveals sensitive information such as traffic, metrics from marketing campaigns, even site conversion rates. In addition to telling all, he gives other entrepreneurs a sense of what went right, what went wrong and how to replicate his marketing tactics for their own businesses. Why Didn’t Our Valentines Day Facebook Campaign Work?The Incredible Power of a 16 Year Old Video BloggerOur Low Conversion RatesIlya LichtensteinThe Insight.io blog authored by Ilya Lichtenstein, provides posts on one of the most pressing marketing issues for entrepreneurs: achieving massive amounts of traffic using limited resources. The blog’s tagline is “?Strategies for rapidly acquiring and monetizing lots of traffic.”? It meets reader expectations, publishing detailed posts about successful marketing strategies, supported by data, personal experience and knowledge from many other successful marketers. The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads BiddingHow ThatHigh.com Solved the Chicken and Egg Problem and Grew to 1 Million Pageviews a Month with No SEOStartup Marketing Lessons Learned Part 3: Scaling Up To Massive TrafficDharmesh ShahOnStartups.com, written by HubSpots co-founder, Dharmesh Shah, is more of a blog for entrepreneurs than it is for marketers. But it was worth having on this list because Dharmesh’s insights into the startup world are unparalleled, coming as they do from the co-founder of one of the hottest marketing software companies of the day. As an added bonus, you can check out OnStartups forum, Answers.OnStartups.com, to call on the wisdom of the crowd to learn how to run a startup or build great marketing campaigns. Startup Marketing ABCsPithy Insights on Startup MarketingBuilding a Startup Marketing Plan: Tips in 3 WordsDo you have a favorite marketing blog written by an entrepreneur you’d like to share with the community? Photo by omacaco Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostingcenter_img 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… danny wong 1last_img read more

Cow is the only animal that exhales oxygen, says Uttarakhand CM

first_imgUttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has kicked up a row by claiming that cow is the only animal which inhales and exhales oxygen, and has asserted breathing problems can be cured by massaging it.A video went viral on Thursday showing Mr. Rawat extolling the medicinal properties of cow milk and urine at a function here. In the video, he said cows not only inhale oxygen but also exhale it.The Chief Minister also said that massaging a cow can cure one of breathing problems, while living in close proximity with the animal can cure one of tuberculosis.In 2017, former Rajasthan Education Minister Vasudev Devnani also claimed the same.The Chief Minister’s cow speech comes after State BJP president and Nainital MP Ajay Bhatt recently said that pregnant women can avoid caesarean deliveries if they drink water of Garud Ganga, a river in Bageshwar district.An official at the CMO defended the Chief Minister’s remarks saying that he was only stating something which is a common belief in the hills of Uttarakhand.“While the medicinal values of cow milk and urine are well known, people in the hills also believe that the cow gives them oxygen,” he said requesting anonymity.last_img read more

Shahid Kapoor goes bald for Haider, #DontGoBaldShahid trends on Twitter

first_imgShahid Kapoor is all set to go bald today for his film ‘Haider’, the film adaptation of Shakespearean tragedy Hamlet based in Kashmir Valley.Shahid, 32, who will be sporting a bald look in the Vishal Bhardwaj directed film, took to Twitter to inform the same.Read: Haider cast finally returns to Kashmir to complete shooting Looking forward to getting bald, he tweeted:Chop chop day Shahid Kapoor (@shahidkapoor) January 29, 2014Shahid Kapoori s currently on Kashmir for the final schedule of the film. Three days ago he had tweeted:Reading scenes for the final sched of HAIDER..Nervous and excited..Last 4 days of hair I can run my hands thru..Snowed out kashmir calling Shahid Kapoor (@shahidkapoor) January 25, 2014But it seems his fans are not happy with the actor’s decision and they made #DontGoBaldShahid trend on microblogging website Twitter. Few tweets were of genuine fans who don’t want him to chop his hair, few funny tweets and as always few tweets wondering why #DontGoBaldShahid is trending.The shooting of the film, starring Shahid, Irrfan Khan and Shraddha Kapoor, started last year. Shraddha plays a press reporter in the film.Here are few tweets:We love your hair ? #DontGoBaldShahid Dhara Shah (@sugarberryds) January 29, 2014#dontgobaldshahid 😮 it won’t suit you !!! Priyanka Dhavale (@DhavalePriyanka) January 29, 2014#DontGoBaldShahid instead try getting your head chopped!#whocares Kartik R. Iyer (@Fitooriya) January 29, [email protected] plz #DontGoBaldShahid u look awsme at this hairstyle too u don’t need any #photshop on ur face pulkit rathi (@pulkit1247) January 29, 2014Your hair act better than you. #DontGoBaldShahidadvertisement Akash Vadera (@akashvadera01) January 29, [email protected] Please don’t go Bald..seriously.. if u want to go bald.. please donate ur hair to me..i love ur hair! ??? #DontGoBaldShahid ?1Guy1000Feelings? (@rose_loves_zayn) January 29, 2014#DontGoBaldShahid is trending. You guys do realise he’s not doing it for fun, right? He’s doing it for a movie which is what he works for Gunda Sibtain (@sibtain_r2009) January 29, 2014#DontGoBaldShahid trending? And I thought Bhai fans are dumbest here but some Shanatics are giving a tough competition to them. ? ???g?? ? (@iamravii) January 29, 2014#ShahidKapoor is the happiest person on earth today! At least twitter cares about what’s going on in his head #DontGoBaldShahid Nupur Agrawal (@paletteoflife) January 29, 2014last_img read more

Champions League: Ronaldo suspended for one match, available to face Man United

first_imgCristiano Ronaldo will be suspended for only one game after his dismissal in the Champions League, paving the way for his return for Juventus against his former club Manchester United, European soccer’s governing body UEFA said on Thursday.Ronaldo’s Champions League debut for Juventus against Valencia last week lasted only 29 minutes before he was shown a straight red card for clashing with Jeison Murillo in a 2-0 win. He faced the prospect of missing a return to Old Trafford if his ban was extended.However, UEFA’s Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body (CEDB) decided the 33-year-old’s punishment will not exceed a one-game suspension which means he will only be unavailable for next week’s Group H clash at Swiss side Young Boys.”The CEDB has decided to suspend the Juventus Football Club player Cristiano Ronaldo for one UEFA competition match for which he would be otherwise eligible,” UEFA said.Italian giants Juventus travel to Manchester for their third group fixture on Oct. 23.Ronaldo played for United from 2003 to 2009 and helped them win Europe’s elite club competition in 2008. He then moved to Real Madrid, winning two La Liga titles and four Champions League trophies in nine years.The five-times world player of the year signed for Juventus in the close season for 100 million euros ($117 million).last_img read more

Even For a Team Down 31 the Rangers Are in Bad Shape

The New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings will meet in Los Angeles on Friday night for Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final. Before Game 4, when the Rangers avoided the sweep, I said that simple probability was not on the Rangers’ side after they fell behind 3-0. Even if we assumed they were evenly matched with LA, New York had just a 6.1 percent chance of winning four consecutive games before the Kings could win one.Now that the Rangers have a win under their belt, their chances are better — improving to about 11.1 percent (if we again assume the teams are evenly matched). But the odds are still long: New York still needs to beat Los Angeles three times in a row, including two games on the road.We were wondering, though, if the sequence of wins and losses matters in a 3-1 series. For instance, by winning Game 4 and snapping a three-game Kings winning streak, do the Rangers have more momentum than, say, a team that won Game 1 and proceeded to lose three straight?The simplistic way of looking at this question would be to count the number of times each possible four-game sequence (e.g. LLLW, LLWL, LWLL, WLLL) occurred, and to determine how many times playoff team down 3-1 ended up winning the series after each sequence. From 1968-2013, here are those numbers:This seems to suggest the Rangers picked the worst possible sequence of wins and losses for a team down 3-1. But, of course, selection bias could be rearing its ugly head here: Teams trailing 3-1 that won in Game 1 or Game 2 are more likely to have been at home for the first two games of the series (historically, the NHL has used a 2-2-1-1-1 format for the majority of its playoff series). This doesn’t confer any special advantage — there’s no format under which teams would have more home games than their opponent through the first four games of a series — but it does tell us they were seeded higher, meaning they had the better record and were probably the better team. All else being equal, those are the types of teams you’d expect to come back more.Here’s what happens if we restrict to looking at teams that started the series on the road:The difference between teams like the Rangers — who lost the first three games of the series but won Game 4 — and teams that lost the first two games, won Game 3 and lost Game 4 is negligible after we remove teams that were on the road in Games 3 and 4. In that sense, the sequencing of the Rangers’ home wins and losses thus far doesn’t matter.However, there remains a rather large effect for teams down 3-1 who managed to get their win on the road, especially in Game 1. Teams who take Game 1 in the other team’s building and then proceed to lose three straight tend to win the series at a rate more than three times that of teams who trail 3-1 via any other sequence of events. Even in a relatively small sample of series, this is a statistically significant result.The question is, why? We’ve removed the bias of including teams that were at home for Games 1 and 2, so this sample strictly deals with teams who, for seeding reasons, did not have home-ice advantage (and were therefore less likely to be the better team). And all still had to win three consecutive games, including two more on the road. My only hypothesis is that it must matter for a team to show it is capable of beating the opponent on the road early in the series. But it’s possible I’m missing a theory, so please leave yours in the comments below.At any rate, those numbers aren’t of much consequence to the Rangers, because they didn’t get their win in Los Angeles. The history of teams trailing 3-1 offers little hope for teams whose lone win came at home, as New York’s has. read more