Growing stability fosters respect for human rights in Liberia – UN envoy

Speaking at the ceremony, held at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium, the senior UN envoy to Liberia, Alan Doss, said that the peace and stability experienced by Liberians today allow them to enjoy their rights to life, liberty and security. “Liberians can begin to overcome the physical and emotional scars from years of civil strife,” he said.Reflecting on Liberia’s troubled past, he recalled that human rights were not only ignored, but were violated severely and systematically.“No one was more affected than children and women,” he said. “Children born during that time missed out on their rights. Many died, others were orphaned. Young boys, through conscription as fighters, were taught to kill. Girls were raped and turned into sex slaves. Parental care, schooling or any forms of protection received by children elsewhere were denied them in Liberia.” Focusing on the significance of Human Rights Day, Mr. Doss said it must mark a new start for Liberia, adding “The Liberian Government must resolve to live up to the pledges made by ratifying over 103 international human rights conventions by making these conventions practical.” Liberia’s Justice Minister, Kabineh Ja’neh, pledged his Government’s commitment to move quickly to demonstrate its dedication to prevent human rights violations.“As a country emerging from the horrors of a long and protracted war, our fond commitment for Liberia must also start immediately by applying the human rights obligations that Liberia has undertaken by ratifying all major human rights treaties and conventions,” he said.On Friday, Mr. Doss opened an exhibit organized by ChildArt Liberia at Monrovia City Hall, where he was presented with a painting of the new UNMIL Headquarters in Liberia, as a token of gratitude for all the work the UN has done to bring peace to the country. “I am pleased to see that Liberia’s proud tradition of art is enjoying a renaissance now that peace and stability have returned to the country,” he said.ChildArt Liberia is an independent, non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization dedicated to promoting young artists and visual learning throughout the country.

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