Lockwood discusses date of birth and its impact on hockey success

There’s a theory that hockey players born early in the year are more likely to excel in the sport. But is there any truth to it?Kelly Lockwood, associate professor of Kinesiology, appeared in a Canada AM segment this morning discussing that very theory, popularized recently by Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers. Lockwood, who is studying the subject, says there seems to be truth to it. But that’s no reason other skaters need to give up their dreams.“Laying the foundation of skills young, early and continuing to work at it as they develop through the ranks” is key, said Lockwood, who also discussed the subject in the Toronto Star.• Watch Lockwood’s CTV appearance• Canada’s Hamilton brothers have an early date with success — thestar.comRelated story:• Researcher works with NHL veterans to improve the hockey skate | The Brock News

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