Apple stops sale of PhotoFast 256GB SSD for MacBook Air

first_imgIt seems as if Apple has used its muscle to stop a company selling a very fast SSD upgrade for the MacBook Air that also doubles the device’s capacity to 256GB.PhotoFast started selling the drives last month which promised 64/128/256GB storage options, but more importantly 250MB/s read and write speeds. Apple ships an SSD in the MacBook Air only capable of 150MB/s.If you have any money left after buying an Air it sounds like a worthwhile upgrade: double the storage and a performance gain of around 30%. But the opportunity to buy one didn’t last very long as Apple has now stopped the company shipping them.Rather than take action against them through the courts, Apple seems to have had a quiet word with PhotoFast. As the company also sells accessories for Apple products as part of the MFi program, it’s easy to guess how the conversation went. “We really like having you on board with the MFi program, but at the same time we really don’t like you selling those SSD.”For PhotoFast it seems to have been a decision between losing a lot of revenue from accessories, or losing a bit from SSD sales.Read more at 9 to 5 MacMatthew’s OpinionI know Apple like to keep control of their products, but why is this upgrade deemed as unacceptable? PhotoFast is offering more storage and a performance gain at a price. It’s not going to be an option the majority of Air owners take, so why take the time to bar their sale?It may be that Apple is preparing to offer a 256GB model of the Air and update the SSD line to have faster read/write speeds. In which case PhotoFast would be encroaching on sales of those devices. However, it would remain a fringe player if consumers can get the same performance direct from Apple.This seems far too controlling to me, and unless Apple noticed some safety issue with the sale of these drives then I don’t believe it was the right thing to do. Consumers should have a choice about what they do with hardware they have purchased, and 3rd parties should be allowed to offer such alternatives if the main supplier does not.last_img

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