3 Foxconn employees charged for prelaunch iPad 2 design leak

first_imgIn the build up to the launch of the iPad 2 there was a lot of speculation as to what Apple had done to make its second-generation tablet better than the first. But that speculation wasn’t just based on rumor and guesses, there were a number of iPad 2 cases appearing at trade shows giving us a very good idea of what to expect.At the time we had to wonder how these Chinese manufacturers could be so confident those cases would fit the new tablet. Apple is, after all, very secretive about new products and it didn’t fit that they would share details so 3rd-party cases could be made.AdChoices广告Now we know the answer as to why those cases were possible. Three Foxconn employees working at a plant in Shenzhen were apparently arrested on December 26 last year on accusations that they leaked the final design of the iPad 2 before its launch. On March 23rd they finally got charged.For Foxconn it’s an embarrassing episode showing holes in their security during the manufacturing process. Apple would likely have insisted the leak be found as soon as they spotted a case that looked too good not to have been based on official designs.I doubt Foxconn would have complained too much about tracking down who leaked the information. Apple’s manufacturing contracts are worth a lot of money and they would do nothing to jeopardize that relationship.via DigiTimesMatthew’s OpinionI have to wonder whether Foxconn’s management of its documents is so bad they can be taken without anyone noticing, or did these three snap a load of photos or have time to make copies of the documents?I can’t see Apple not having some prerequisites in place for management of this design material, and I doubt those first pre-launch cases were perfect, so taking some photos on the sly sounds like what happened.What we don’t know is specifically what the employees were charged with and what their punishment is. I doubt they’ll be welcomed back to jobs at Foxconn or any manufacturing firm for that matter.last_img

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