Netflix for Chromebooks recognized on Netflix website

first_imgOne of the really big things that came to light, and something we here at had actually scooped days before, was Netflix support finally coming to Chromebooks.This is a big deal for several reasons as it means either Google‘s figured out how to Sandbox Silverlight, or an alternative method of distributing videos has been included server side. More importantly, it means Google and Netflix are friends, which is good for Android tablets, phones, and (better support for) Google TV as well.Shortly after the announce on stage, I took my trusty Cr-48 over to Netflix, and was greeted with this splashpage when I tried to catch the next episode of Scrubs.I see this move by Netflix as a huge deal, both in co-operation with Google Movies and as the first major streaming service to come to Android. The momentum caused by this move come launch day will force the hands of companies like Hulu, Amazon Unbox (or whatever they are calling it right now), and many more to make the jump over to the little green guy.It’s a video filled future ahead of us, so be sure to keep an eye on every megabyte you spend!last_img

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