Buy an 3DS eShop game get Donkey Kong Original Edition for free

first_imgIn a new promotional deal, Nintendo is giving away a free copy of the original NES Donkey Kong game as a download for your 3DS. This edition, called Donkey Kong: Original Edition contains exclusive content which has never been seen before in the US. You can’t buy it, either, as this game is exclusive to this particular deal.So in order for 3DS owners to get their hands on the original edition of Donkey Kong, gamers must buy one of five games off the Nintendo eShop. The games that qualify are:Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone!Crosswords PlusPaper Mario: Sticker StarProfessor Layton and the Miracle MaskStyle Savvy: TrendsettersYou’ll also need a Club Nintendo account linked up to your eShop account, but if you don’t have a Club Nintendo account it’s free to sign up.Simply purchase one of the five games listed above on the eShop before January 6 and register the game on your Club Nintendo account and you’ll be sent a download code for Donkey Kong: Original Edition via email.For retro fans who miss the barrel throwing monkey it’s not a bad deal since it apparently contains new content (to the US, anyway) and as you can’t buy it separately some Donkey Kong fans/collectors will have to buy it out of necessity. However, in reality you’re paying $40 to play a really old NES game.Nintendo is still trying to push the classics in order to sell some not so classic games, and in the process hopes to convince you to start buying games via download where their profit margins are significantly higher.via Kotakulast_img

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