HandsOn The Evil Within 2 is 2017s Other Good Resident Evil Game

first_img 2017 has already shocked us with one good Resident Evil game. After the once-great series devolved into action-schlock, January’s Resident Evil 7 brought the franchise back to its survival horror roots with a tense and terrifying first-person adventure.However, that wasn’t the first time Resident Evil was forced to reinvent itself. With its revamped third-person controls and bold new setting, Resident Evil 4 casually created a new genre and is justly remembered as one of the best games of all time. And it was thanks to Shinji Mikami, the creator of the franchise.Mikami doesn’t work for Capcom anymore, but that doesn’t mean he’s done making spooky third-person shooters. 2014’s The Evil Within (which might as well be a synonym for Resident Evil) definitely tried to recapture that RE4 spark, even if not everyone agreed it succeeded. At a recent Bethesda event we got to go hands-on with its follow-up The Evil Within 2 coming this October, and just as 2017 began with a good Resident Evil game, it may end with one, too.Full disclosure, I didn’t play the first Evil Within. So I was thrown into this sequel’s narrative pretty unsure about what was going on. But if anything that probably helped me empathize with the similarly confused player character Detective Sebastian Castellanos trying to rescue his daughter or something. Weird spooky stuff is going to start happening for no reason and you just have to deal with it.Accepting this confusion also helped me appreciate The Evil Within 2’s variety of disturbing imagery. The debut trailer from E3 featured everyone slathered in milky white paint, and this demo was similarly inexplicable. Dudes were suspended in time cubes. Blood erupted from clay sculptures. I entered the level by staring at a mirror in my office.The Evil Within 2’s aesthetic draws inspiration from all sorts of J-Horror video games and movies. There are bits with a camera monster out of Fatal Frame. A ball of long-haired lady faces would be right at home in The Ring or The Grudge. And the psychological horror aspect in general owes a lot to Silent Hill.But when it comes to gameplay, The Evil Within is pure Resident Evil 4. From behind your character’s shoulder, you methodically walk through environments, in this case a haunted City Hall, shooting your gun and swiping your knife. In dark environments you can turn your flashlight on and off, which suggested to me some later Alan Wake-style light-shining mechanics. But in this demo a well-placed shot was all I needed to keep moving forward.Those shots needed to be well-placed, too, because like a true survival horror game ammo was scarce. Later Resident Evil games leaned too heavily into action, but Resident Evil 4 struck a perfect balance between dramatic gunfights and actual tension. The Evil Within 2 goes for similar pacing. Even with my upgraded guns I wasn’t able to hold off a boss for the 90 necessary seconds until I stumbled across one last crossbow bolt. It was thrilling.Action is made even more thrilling by the surprising amount of downtime. This demo featured a few puzzles, like arranging a photograph, as well as sections where you just explore surreal environments. I was in a hallway staring at gruesome paintings, causing the architecture to warp around me.I’m not going to claim that The Evil Within 2 will be as good as Resident Evil 4, because what game could be. But it is great to see Shinji Mikami and his team at Tango Gameworks (including new director John Johanas) return to that incredible style few games have managed to successfully replicate since. The Evil Within 2 launches on October 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.View as: One Page Slides1/51. The Evil Within 2 is the latest survival horror game from Resident Evil mastermind Shinji Mikami.2. Players survive surreal nightmares trying to rescue their daughter.3. Scarce ammo keeps tensions high.4. Even when you aren’t shooting, The Evil Within 2 throws you into confusing and thrilling situations.5. After Resident Evil 7, The Evil Within 2 may be 2017’s other good Resident Evil game.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Play ‘Fallout 76’ Nuclear Winter Battle Royale as Long as Yo…Tesla Cars Get Racing Game, YouTube, and ‘Fallout’ at E3 2019 last_img

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