When flops won over audiences

first_imgMovies in Bollywood are all depended on the Box Office Collection. But, from an audience perspective cinema should touch our soul. It should make us want to watch that movie always. There are some movies which were initially a flop but later we loved watching them. Some of them were even written off by prominent film critics. Let’s take a look as all these Bollywood hits that were flops at the box office.Sholay: The biggest Bollywood movie to reach cult status and breaking all previous set box office records – Sholay fans will be surprised to know that this movie fell flat in its first week. Written off by all prominent critics, the movie did not even win a single popular award in that year’s Filmfare awards, despite being nominated for a lot of categories. From such abysmal openings, Sholay became India’s first movie to enjoy a silver jubilee (25 week) run at the theaters. Jai and Veeru’s ‘dosti’ still remains the epitome of #FriendshipGoals. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfMera Naam Joker: This magnum opus by the Kapoor patriarch – Raj Kapoor, took a total of 6 years in the making itself. However when it eventually hit the theatres, it did not generate the buzz that it should have for a movie of this magnitude. Even though it became a celebrated film in more recent times, the fact remains that when it was released, the film failed to impress at the box office.Andaz Apna Apna: It’s hard to believe that when the movie came out, the hilarious capers of Aman and Prem wasn’t successful in tickling the moviegoers’ funny bones. It’s a different story now altogether, because Andaz Apna Apna has now achieved a reputation which is legendary when it comes to Bollywood comedy movies. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveSwades-We, the People: This is one movie which made absolute sense, was super logical, and had almost everything going on for it. But it’s a classic case of a movie not doing well because of the lack of glam factor. It was a coming of age tale of an Indian NASA scientist, and how he eventually moves back to the country after seeing how much the nation needed him. Despite not being a blockbuster, the movie became venerable simply because of its content and what it brought to the table. Rocket Singh- Salesman Of the Year: This was the first time Ranbir Kapoor was playing a Sikh in a movie, with a turban and a beard! The story line of the movie was actually genius, and it showed how youngsters in the sales field have to slog it out. With Ranbir giving a skillfully understated performance, and Gauhar Khan, surprisingly, acting really well, the movie still tanked at the box office. But after a few years, the film was considered to be one of the greatest movies of our times.Dil Se: With a running underlying plot of love and terrorism, this SRK-starrer failed to gross a big number on its box office collections. But the haunting melodies provided by A.R. Rahman, beautiful performances by Shahrukh, Manisha Koirala, and Preity Zinta, amidst the sensitive storytelling of Mani Ratnam has endeared the movie to Bollywood fans over the years.Rockstar: This is one of the most recent movies from the lot, but it had the same problem. It failed to make an impression at the box office. But I think that’s got more to do with Nargis Fakhri’s not so good acting skills and the fact that the plot didn’t have something concrete to justify Ranbir’s character’s growth to become a frustrated musician. But barring that, this movie perhaps is Ranbir’s best acting performance till date. Paan Singh Tomar: The film narrates the true story of an Indian Army Officer “Paan Singh Tomar” from central India whose natural athletic potential and die hard temperament made him a Steeplechase champ, but fate forces him to become one of the most notorious dacoits/rebels the country has ever known post retirement. Aligarh : It’s based on the true events of Doctor Srinivas Ramachandra Siras (Manoj Bajpai) and how he was expelled from the University because of his sexual preferences. The plot intensifies with the arrival of a journalist from Delhi (Rajkummar Rao) and the Indian Constitution is put to test.For any cinema lover, it’s actually a heart breaking phenomena to see a great movie not be able to receive the audience’s appreciation. But the very fact that our dear Bollywood is now catering to different categories of audiences is a good sign.last_img

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