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Russia and France and have also carried out thousands of aerial raids on ISIS targets in Syria’s neighboring country Iraq [BBC] Write to Rishi Iyengar at [email protected] anchor Lawrence O’Donnell has apologized after leaked footage showed him swearing and shouting at the show’s technicians while taping the August 29 episode of The Last Word He took to Twitter on Wednesday to say that a better man and better anchorman would have dealt with technical challenges better In the video O’Donnell points to his earpiece saying: “Why don’t I have sound Alright it’s back Someone’s pressing buttons and turning my sound off Who’s asking for a Labor Day run down in my ear Someone in that control room is out of control” He then gets angered at the sound of hammering coming from elsewhere in the building “Stop the hammering out there Who’s got a hammer Where is it Where’s the hammer” he asks demanding that the technicians go to other floors to find the source of the hammering and call MSNBC President Phil Griffin A better anchorman and a better person would’ve had a better reaction to technical difficulties I’m sorry Lawrence O’Donnell (@Lawrence) September 20 2017 He then smashes his pen over the table and launches into a rant: “Jesus f–king Christ crazy f–king sound coming in my ear This f–king stupid hammering It just f–king sucks it f–king sucks to be out here with this out of control shit” Write to Rachel Lewis at [email protected] appended June 4 2014 On June 5 1989 Jonathan Chan arrived at Beijing airport with two swollen bumps visible on the back of his head In a line of tired and weary student demonstrators eager to slip out of the capital if not the country the 24-year-old slid his hand into his pocket fingering the single roll of film he had rescued moments before his camera had been smashed by Chinese soldiers A journalist standing next to him took notice quickly explaining how he might break open the roller overexpose the images and protect himself if he were stopped by airport immigration Then Chan walked to the front of the line and waited for the inevitable question "Were you on the square” the immigration official asked “I was” Chan said expecting to be detained Frowning the official leaned in “Then go and tell the world” the official said softly before waving him through For the past 25 years that’s exactly what Chan Lam and Lee have tried to do As leading student activists from Hong Kong they played a vital role in the protests at Beijing’s Tiananmen Square not only as fundraisers and couriers of supplies for their fellow protesters but also as emissaries of information able to evade Communist Party censors by returning to Hong Kong then still administered by the British and enjoying a vigorously free press and communications regime to share their stories They arrived in Beijing in late May 1989 eager to join the call for a more open representative and prosperous China But they left 10 days later wearing clothes still stained with the blood of their friends and with the images of the injured and dead still fresh in their minds In the quarter-century since seeing the "dark side of humanity" in Lams words they have actively fought against a growing amnesia surrounding the massacre at Tiananmen instigated by a Chinese Communist Party desperate to erase from the history the hundreds possibly thousands of dead and wounded "Every year I have to remind myself that I have a job to do" Lee tells TIME "I was rescued by the people of Tiananmen Square and they have an expectation of me" ‘If We Don’t Cry Out Who Will’ In the spring of 1989 thousands of students were taking to the streets each day calling for government action on reforms that had been promised since the country had begun opening up in the late 1970s but which had not been delivered For a heady moment it looked like the communist state might be forced to concede and onlookers in the then British colony of Hong Kong took notice The Hong Kong Federation of Students (HKFS) was one of the first groups to assist For weeks the group hosted fundraisers and collected donations The group also helped organize Hong Kongs largest protest in support of the Tiananmen movement drawing between 600000 and a million people onto the streets in late May "We all wanted to do something for the movement" Chan tells TIME In 1989 he was No 2 at the HKFS The group had been sending small delegations to Beijing to gather information on the ground "If we couldnt be at the very heart of the protests each day we hoped to provide some kind of back-end support" On May 25 1989 Chan; Lam who was then aged 20; and Lee 26 boarded a plane to Beijing with 20 other students in tow Divided among them were 300 tents and nearly a million dollars in cash donations a staggering sum that demonstrated just how desperate Hong Kongers were to show support Their plan was to split into two groups: the first would distribute supplies to the tens of thousands of students in Tiananmen Square The second would consult with student leaders in the square and help share information as the movement continued to grow "People were disappointed in the government They thought If we dont cry out who will" says Lam "It was the most beautiful message" The protests had begun April 15 after the death of Hu Yaobang a reformer within the Communist Party who favored economic overhaul and political liberalization These positions earned him praise from the countrys youth and his unexpected death drew thousands of students and intellectuals to the streets in a gesture of mourning that was at the same time a demonstration of reformist fervor On April 26 however an editorial condemning the protesters appeared in the state-run Peoples Daily In the piece the government alleged that the movement was “a planned conspiracy … to fundamentally negate the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and to negate the socialist system" But casting the students as enemies of the people only raised the stakes "If the students were going to be judged as members of these so-called mobs" Lee says "there was no way they could return to their normal lives" As seasoned NPR reporter Louisa Lim writes in her book The Peoples Republic of Amnesia the weeks of student protests were "a Rubicon that once crossed transformed [students] lives forever The preordained career paths that ordinarily would have been theirs the government posting the academic career … were gone" In May many of the students pledged a hunger strike unless granted a meeting with government officials With temperatures exceeding 30C (86F) thousands suffered dehydration and exhaustion drawing more than 1 million citizens to the square in support on May 19 "The people of Beijing really felt united" Lam recalls "Preschool children officials from government offices grandparents even members of the Communist party They were so moved by the students message At that point we couldnt imagine the government would attack its own people" Kenneth Lam (left) Liane Lee (right) and another activist (name unknown) pose in front of the Monument to the People’s Heroes in Tiananmen Square Beijing in April 1989 Jonathan Chan On May 20 as the government declared martial law mobilizing seven army battalions to converge on the square groups of laobaixing (the Chinese term for commoners) formed "dare-to-die squads" devoted to obstructing military trucks tanks and the troops themselves Soon workers groups and picketers joined in citing frustration with the laggard speed of government reforms rampant government corruption and ever-stricter limits on press freedom A US embassy communiqué sent to the State Department on June 3 noted a prescient conversation overheard on the streets of the capital: "One should not be surprised at the nights events since throughout Chinese history whenever rulers have no solution for problems which they themselves have created they do very foolish things" ‘Tell the World What Happened Tonight’ Just before 9 pm on June 3 1989 Lee Lam and Chan took the elevator down to the lobby of the Beijing Hotel There a small gathering of journalists warned them of conditions in the square telling them it was too dangerous to leave the building The three hurried back up to their rooms burning sensitive records in the room’s tin trash can and smashing the fax machine which they had used to send reports home by picking it up and dropping it repeatedly After dividing up the rest of the donations storing the cash securely in their pockets and backpacks they placed a call from a hotel phone to the HKFS headquarters Friends and colleagues who had been listening to reports told them to stay in their rooms Lee unswayed called her pastor in Hong Kong She told him where she was and that she was planning to join the students in the square "Please say a prayer for me" she said before hanging up On the 15-minute walk from their hotel to Tiananmen Square little was said Rumors about military movements had bubbled up all day and protesters were monitoring army units approaching from the outskirts of town Chan Lee and Lam set off for the National Museum of China on the east side of the square Standing arm in arm they joined about 50 other students and workers waiting nervously as soldiers massed on the steps of the building To the soldiers protesters sang The Internationale an anthem of the socialist and leftist party as well as the Chinese Communist Party’s Lee remembers the surreal scene especially the sight of a young boy reading a book in the glow of the streetlights "Dont worry they wont hurt us" he said “We just have to stay calm and peaceful Who on earth would shoot us" Then Lee heard gunfire She and Chan recalled hearing a shaky male voice come over a loud-hailer: "Im holding in my hand the bloodstained shirt of my classmate” someone was saying above the din “They are starting to kill us What are we going to do now" With increasing frequency the injured and the dead appeared carried towards the makeshift aid station run by the Beijing United Medical College Around 11:30 pm," Chan, Bauchi.

an NCE holder; Mohammed Sha’aban SSCE holder; Abdulrazak Isa.

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