Jingdong secret Russian business expansion or acquisition of local B2C

news May 19th, according to a person close to the Jingdong’s sources, at the beginning of this year, the Jingdong has secretly bought one in Russian sales of the top five domestic B2C website, acquisition of a Russia local courier company. At the same time, Russia has been identified as the first overseas business Jingdong internal force market.

after the completion of the domestic electricity supplier layout, targeting the overseas Jingdong. Billion state power network found in Jingdong submitted IPO prospectus, the "international expansion" in the new Jingdong business plan was listed as key. Jingdong said, by virtue of its Chinese experience, which may seek overseas business development strategy initiatives, including in areas outside the China website, warehouse and set up payment systems, to JD brand to more overseas customers.

Jingdong sources close to the above said that Russia will be the first Jingdong to force overseas markets, there are clues. Although as early as October 2012, Jingdong international station has been on the line, including sales of electrical appliances, infant formula and other products. However, due to the mainstream market in Europe and the United States is facing competition from Amazon, eBay and other international electricity providers, Jingdong international sales volume has been no improvement. So Jingdong simply change the direction, starting from Russia, India and other emerging markets, because consumers in these countries for the international business platform brand awareness is low.


message had previously shown that the Jingdong is urgent to layout Russia, India and other countries for its business, will establish a warehouse in 2014 in Russia and Southeast Asia, focusing on the development of local cross-border business.

in addition, in March of this year, Hua Yuan, President of the electricity supplier, Xu Xinquan officially joined the Jingdong, then served as head of the overseas division of Jingdong, Jingdong responsible for the relevant aspects of international business. Xu Xinquan has led the development of HUAWEI in the CIS market, the Russian market is very understanding, and has a deep resource in russia.

and Jingdong to expand overseas, Jingdong chairman Liu Qiangdong had previously revealed that the Jingdong is seeking a "general trade + proprietary business" the new trade model, through the "large trade" in the form of import and export products, and set up an overseas entity operating company launched the business electricity supplier, electricity supplier localized local service residents. At the same time to establish a localized customer service center, provide local exchange service.

an analysis of the industry, in accordance with Liu Qiangdong’s plan for overseas business of Jingdong, the acquisition of local electricity supplier companies and related service companies will be the most labor-saving and safe approach. Overseas consumers are more likely to accept the country’s electricity supplier companies, localization operations in logistics and after-sales also has a huge advantage."

In addition, the industry said that the particularity of the Russian market, compared to the traditional operation of the traditional cross-border electricity supplier model is also more advantage


first, the Russian Internet users for online payment acceptance is very low, in the online shopping, more accustomed to the use of cash

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