Buy site to play the world evaporated consumers trap trap frequency trap

did not expect the first time to buy, I was fooled".


only 99 yuan, Nike winter explosion head layer cowhide cushion couple two pairs of sports shoes, bag mail". The evening of December 3, 2010, Ms. Wu in Shenzhen to see the 310 group buying site in the group of children gathered on the navigation website to buy this information, shopping desire was immediately hooked up.

open the link, the page shows that more than four or five people have bought this pair of shoes. "There are so many people to buy, it is certainly not a lie, Ms. Wu orders booked two pairs, the use of online banking to pay 198 yuan.

however, a week later, the goods have not yet sent. Wu view trading records, the above shows, Post Courier: has shipped". 10, 2009, she gave the 310 group of QQ customer service message, no one answered. Then, she changed her husband’s QQ number to the customer service message, this time, the other not only immediately reply, but also very enthusiastic to ask what help can be provided.


, Ms. Wu and his QQ, looking for a customer service several times, the other said to her to express a single number tomorrow. Who expects second days, QQ customer service is always in an offline state, and the site of the 310 group, no longer open.

Wu think things are strange, in the online search "Nike 99 yuan", who search out is called a "beautiful round" website. Open the link, Ms. Wu found inside the web design, merchandise, with 310 groups of sites exactly the same. Ms. Wu input in the 310 group registered user name and password, and can also log in, the transaction can also be displayed in the 310 groups on the site.

and a few days later, enter the URL query, the two sites are displayed "can not find a web page". But Ms. Wu before the group purchase two pairs of shoes are missing.

pay when the effect, so Ms Wu regret. Because there is no experience, that the group with Taobao to buy things is the same, after the arrival of goods to confirm payment." After Ms. Wu and looked around, found a line of small print in the payment page behind the show "direct payment to the seller".

these days, the 310 groups of websites have been evaporated cheat money goods empty consumers, have joined the QQ group to solve the problem of mutual assistance in 310 cases of. At present, the group has 63 members, respectively, from Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangxi, Fujian and other provinces and cities. You say a word I spoke about his experience of deception, expressed indignation and helplessness of the 310 groups.

recently, in the online setting buy scam far more than 310 regiment this one. Not long ago, in a group called fast Group buy site, a market price of 2380 yuan to buy a Canon camera price is only $1280, many consumers see this move heart, and participated in the group buying activities. In the end, according to the site to buy information shows that there are 995 consumers across the country to participate in the event.

and in a lot of consumption >

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