Ali full moon market capitalization evaporated 25 billion Ma said WAL-MART over 15 years

original title: Ali full moon market capitalization evaporated $25 billion

as of yesterday (October 19th), Alibaba group full month. This created many deified technology company shares is still strong? What are the latest trends in the future? What is the layout of the


closed on Friday, Ali shares fell to $87.91, compared with the highest price in September 19th when the company IPO $99, a decrease of up to 11.1%. Its market value of $220 billion 920 million, compared to the beginning of the listing, evaporated about $25 billion.

it is worth noting that this is not Ali case, which involves the impact of the environment. According to sina finance, since the mid to late 9, the global slowdown in economic growth, the Fed is expected to raise interest rates, geopolitical instability under the influence of multiple factors, fluctuations in U.S. stocks in decline, technology stocks also continued to decline, Ali also spared. On the weekend closing time, the world’s largest online video subscription service provider Netflix shares fell 23%. Ebay is warning of annual revenue fear better than analysts expected, the stock price fell 3.7%, Ali shares fell 1.06%. Therefore, from the current share price to sing or sing more than Alibaba, but also as early as fashion.

small and micro gold service was officially renamed ant gold suit

according to the "Beijing daily" news, October 16th, the ant Financial Services Group inaugurated, Alipay, Alipay wallet, the balance of treasure, treasure ants, small loans and Commercial Bank (chips) composed of a complete Internet Financial Holding Group, in the eyes of many people, the company will become the new flagship of the ma. Its predecessor is Alipay’s parent company of small and micro financial services group.

in terms of personnel structure, many senior ant gold uniforms are from the Alibaba group, the CEO Peng Lei was Ma Yun’s right-hand man, she is not only one of the founders of the Alibaba, a former vice president, vice president of Alibaba human resources department vice president of marketing and service, known as Ali financial queen. In addition, the ant payment service CFO Jing Xiandong and CTO Cheng Li, domestic business group president Fan Zhiming, vice president of international business Yijie had Peng are Ali internal high-level group.

ant CFO gold dress well Yin Dong said, in the whole ant payment service business system, payment, financing, financing, insurance and other business sectors are only a small part of the surface, the real support of these businesses are under the surface of cloud computing, big data and credit system bottom layer platform.

analysis to the "Yangcheng Evening News" pointed out that from the "little gold suit" to "small ants", not only is the name of the company, is not only the change of the company legal person from Ma to Peng Lei, the more marked the basic improvement in the company Ali financial architecture level. The size of the company’s future listing and impact, or will exceed Ali group.

also points out that there are now pure domestic ants

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