When double 11 more and more like the Spring Festival evening show how to play is a surprise


] November 5th news billion state power network, near the double 11, billion state power network in Shanghai organized more than and 10 brands of closed door discussions. Compared with the previous five double the double this year, the warming of the atmosphere was significantly reduced double, the brand that more and more like the double Spring Festival Gala, there is no impulse to stimulate no more surprise, all in the conventional operation of the war in, 11, and more than two times.

"double 11 this year is sixth times, 11 double operation business to become more rational, from the budget, stocking, customer service and other aspects are preheated to experience; from the perspective of Tmall, it is difficult to find new ways to stimulate growth, from various brands PC terminal according to the number of projections, this year compared to last year to 30% growth was the limit of 11; while the consumer is no longer double impulse, just like the Chinese new year, eating dumplings, watching the Spring Festival Gala must have." The brands told billion state power network, from the perspective of the parties this year 11 certainly not used can have many exciting point statement.

even so, the brand is still very valuable that the double 11 day, reached the peak of orders is the review of the business operation ability of the team, and participated in 11 double gradually from peibenzhuanyaohe start to really make money. After the end of the discussion, billion state power network connection summarizes their 2014 double 11 seven fine practice and real judgment.

1, Tmall PC terminal growth weakness

this year, each double 11 in the end how much can be done with the brand that is closely related to the overall sales of Tmall. This year’s sales will follow the market closely, if the market doubled growth, poor business is not much worse. If the market is only 30% growth, you want to grow by 60%, it must be hard to die."

at the same time, many brands also told billion state power network, PC terminal from the daily traffic point of view, this year the double 11 day PC end of the lowest increase perhaps only 10%. "Compared with last year, PC end of usual traffic was essentially flat, so 35 billion this year compared with last year’s double 11 overall sales growth of 10% to 30% at most."

based on this, the more than and 10 brands agreed that the only factor in the growth of the PC side of the two goods themselves in the 11. "If the main venue and the venue of the seller stocking awesome, so that consumers really feel that selling value, which will greatly release the consumer desire to buy, may accidentally pulled sales."

but for really big brands, in the double 11 day limited profit. The usual gross profit is 40% ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~, this day there are also 39% ~ 43%, we certainly will not ignore the brand image and the new brand like a random discount on the price of 45%." A brand electricity supplier responsible person revealed that this year 11 Tmall apparel businesses must stocking below the line, and is the first in Tmall, which is in the market to seize the line for profit.

and for the new brand, it is no longer the same as in order to seize the sales position, while the high price to buy advertising, low-priced goods. Everybody starts

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