World factory was awarded a credit card to help improve the electricity supplier credit system

day before the world factory won the AAA level credit certificate issued by the Chinese Electronic Commerce Association, which marks the world factory with excellent website content, real transaction information and the characteristics of customer service, won the trust and recognition of the authority of the state department. AAA grade credit rating certificate issued by China Electronic Commerce Association to the world factory network

is reported that the certificate is a credit rating of the Ministry of Commerce pre rating certificate, divided into A, AA, AAA three levels. By China Association of small and medium enterprises credit management center, Chinese Electronic Commerce Association standard application promotion center jointly established the "letter Star Program Management Center" evaluation, to purify and improve the ecological environment of e-commerce, improve e-commerce enterprises in the market in credit and visibility.

through the "pre credit rating" website, will record Chinese Association of small and medium enterprises, China Electronic Commerce Association, letter Star Program Management Center Web site, customers can query through the three bodies on the official website. This rating is of great value to the site’s customer rating.

world factory network marketing manager Zhang Peihu told reporters, the world factory network on 2008 formally launched operations, the development has become the most well-known large-scale free e-commerce platform. At present, the number of registered companies in the world’s factory network of more than 1000, the average daily flow exceeded 1 million, has become the implementation of many small and medium enterprises to implement e-commerce, network marketing platform.

according to the reporter, at present the world factory has initially formed a strong business atmosphere, many business entities through the use of product information, purchase information, view the promotion enterprise brand and other free services in the world’s factory online, quickly win customers attention and finally obtain orders. Web site monitoring data show that the world’s factory network member activity and trading volume are steadily rising, which is undoubtedly the world’s core competitiveness of the factory network has proven.

Zhang also revealed to reporters, the world’s factory network is expected to carry out more market activity next year. At that time, the world factory network will rely on many years of precipitation of customer resources and characteristics of services at home and abroad to set off a new wave of e-commerce enterprises. The world factory will continue to expand the global market for domestic and foreign enterprises, to assist international purchaser for Chinese outstanding manufacturers to provide support and help, to build a large online trading platform is practical, fast and effective for the production of enterprises.

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