Highland Village Museum Tunes up for August

first_img For Broadcast Use: Highland Village Museum in Iona, Victoria Co., is geared up for another month of history and music. The interactive historical site provides a chance to experience the Scottish tradition of Gaelic Nova Scotia. Every Tuesday and Thursday, museum animators and visitors take part in an afternoon céilidh featuring piping, fiddling, singing, step-dancing and storytelling. Visitors are encouraged to join in the singing, tell a few stories, or sing a song of their own. For more information contact Highland Village. -30- There is going to be another great month of history and music at Highland Village Museum, in Iona, Victoria Co. Each Tuesday and Thursday, manager of interpretation Jim Watson, along with other Highland Village staff and animators, presents an afternoon céilidh featuring piping, fiddling, singing, step-dancing and storytelling. Visitors are encouraged to join in the singing, tell stories, or sing a song of their own. The céilidhs offer entertainment for all ages, and are a great way to get a taste of the musical heritage of Nova Scotia. Visitors to the interactive historical site, that covers 43 acres with 11 period buildings, can learn about the province’s Scottish settlers, and participate in this important part of Nova Scotia’s living Gaelic culture. Highland Village Museum and gift shop are open daily, from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. For more information contact Highland Village. Thigibh air céilidh, or Come for a visit!last_img read more

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Settlement Agreement Approved for Gregory Matthew Duncan

first_img be prohibited from becoming registered as an ultimate designated person, as a chief compliance officer, or in any supervisory capacity for a period of five years pay an administrative penalty of $10,000 pay costs in connection with the commission investigation and proceedings of $1,000. The Nova Scotia Securities Commission is the provincial government agency responsible for regulating trading in securities in the province. To view the order visit http://www.gov.ns.ca/nssc/docs/DuncanOrderNov_23_2012.pdf -30- The Nova Scotia Securities Commission has approved a settlement agreement with former Keybase branch manager, Gregory Matthew Duncan. Mr. Duncan violated Nova Scotia securities laws by failing to properly and adequately supervise the trading activities of employee John Alexander Allen. Mr. Duncan failed to conduct sufficient inquiries into Mr. Allen’s new account applications submissions to ensure the information recorded was correct and consistent. Mr. Duncan accepted responsibility for his conduct and was co-operative with commission staff. The commission approved the settlement agreement and ordered that Mr. Duncan:last_img read more

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JPMorgan Chase and Anadarko Petroleum rise Netflix stumbles

NEW YORK — Stocks that moved substantially or traded heavily on Friday:Anadarko Petroleum Corp., up $14.98 to $61.78Chevron will buy the rival oil company for $33 billion as it seeks more growth from deep-water exploration in the gulf and in the Permian Basin.JPMorgan Chase & Co., up $4.98 to $111.21The nation’s largest bank by assets reported a 5% increase in quarterly profit on more revenue from loans, beating Wall Street forecasts.The Walt Disney Co., up $13.46 to $130.06The media and entertainment company will launch its new video streaming service in the U.S. as early as October.Allegheny Technologies Inc., down $1.54 to $25.66The maker of steel and specialty metals warned investors that supply and cost problems will severely cut into its first-quarter profit.Wells Fargo Co., down $1.25 to $46.49The bank’s first-quarter profit beat forecasts, but its assets, loans and deposits all fell as it deals with regulatory restrictions.National Oilwell Varco Inc., down $2.46 to $26.87The oil services company said lingering impacts from a slide in crude oil prices last year will weigh down quarterly profit and revenue.Netflix Inc., down $16.51 to $351.14The streaming video service’s $13.99 monthly cost will soon be undercut by Disney’s streaming service at $6.99 per month.PNC Financial Services Group Inc., up $3.98 to $132.70The bank’s first-quarter profit met Wall Street expectations and its revenue beat forecasts thanks to more interest income.The Associated Press read more

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Annan calls for expanded laws against environmental damage in war

In a message to mark the observance of the International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict, the Secretary-General said, “I urge the international community to examine how legal and other mechanisms can be strengthened to encourage environmental protection in wartime.”Ensuring environmental sustainability is not a luxury; it is a prerequisite for the future peace and prosperity of our planet.”The instances in which the environment was deliberately targeted have been relatively few, he said, but too many grey areas remained where more care should be exercised to protect the environmental base on which sustainable development and recovery from conflict largely depended.The Geneva Conventions and Protocols and other international laws had discouraged the worst excesses of armed conflict, including targeting civilians, mistreating prisoners of war, and destroying sensitive infrastructure, such as large dams and nuclear power stations, he said.The increasingly devastating potential of modern warfare showed, however, that existing international laws have not fully addressed environmental dangers, such as the indiscriminate use of landmines, the ecological destruction caused by mass movements of refugees and the potential devastation threatened by weapons of mass destruction, he said.Klaus Toepfer, the Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), based in Nairobi, Kenya, said two international agreements cover some ground.Article 35 of the 1977 Geneva Protocol I bans “methods or means of warfare which are intended, or may be expected, to cause widespread, long-term and severe damage to the natural environment,” he said.The 1976 Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD) was designed to tackle new, environmentally unfriendly technologies for waging war.”But most legal experts have concluded that these and others fall far short of what is ideal and what is needed,” Mr. Toepfer said.In a new report commissioned by the German Environment Ministry, Daniel Bodansky of the University of Georgia School of Law in Athens, Georgia, United States, argued that the requirement to prove “widespread, long-term and severe damage” rendered the Geneva Protocol I ineffective for environmental protection, the UNEP chief noted.”The Protocol also appears silent on the issue of long-term risk, of the so-called ‘precautionary approach’, which guides many of our modern environmental treaties, covering everything from the ozone layer to climate change,” Mr. Toepfer said.Twenty or so years down the road, some of the pollution arising from recent theatres of war might prove to be a long-term environmental and public health hazard, he said, but the Protocol applied to expected damage, rather than possible hazards.”Should striking an oil tanker sailing near a coral reef be deemed unacceptable, or a legitimate act of war? Does the crippling of an enemy’s oil supplies justify the killing of an ecosystem upon which hundreds, maybe thousands, of the poor rely for food in the form of fish?” he asked.Among the historical examples of environmental damage in war, he recalled, the Scythians scorched the earth to slow the advancing Persians, the Romans salted the land around Carthage to make it infertile and the Turks depleted Lebanon’s forests to run railways.The UNEP chief also reminded the international community that the United States used chemical defoliants on Viet Nam, Iraqis sabotaged oil installations and the Congolese, Rwandans and Sudanese killed scarce wild animals to raise funds for armies. read more

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Israels Gaza pullout must lead to West Bank East Jerusalem exit –

“Although the decision of the Israeli Government to remove settlements from the Gaza Strip and parts of the northern West Bank was a unilateral one, it resulted in a resumption of direct security coordination between the parties,” the Bureau of the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, said in a statement.“The Bureau of the Committee expresses the hope that the positive momentum gained as a result of the removal of settlements from the Gaza Strip and parts of the northern West Bank will be followed by similar steps in the rest of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and breathe new life into the political process, leading to a comprehensive, just and lasting solution of the question of Palestine and the exercise by the Palestinian people of its inalienable rights,” it added. It stressed that that the Gaza pull-out should be complete and irreversible, allowing the Palestinian Authority to exercise control over its borders, crossing points, sea and airspace, as well as guaranteeing an unhindered flow of people and goods into and out of Gaza.“The construction and operation of a seaport and an airport, as well as a permanent geographical link to the West Bank are absolutely vital for the Palestinian economy,” the bureau said, calling on the international donor community to live up to its commitments to provide necessary aid quickly and efficiently to revitalize Gaza’s economy. read more

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Puffin population to be counted annually amid climate change fears

There are concerns about the reduction in the quality and abundance of its preferred food source, the sandeel, and more frequent storms, as a result of climate changeCredit:Gary Jones/Mercury Press “These factors are driving the good quality plankton which sandeels feed on further north, resulting in a poorer quality of plankton in this area for sandeels to feed upon.”The risk is that these pressures together with overfishing will eventually ‘squeeze’ the Farnes population, with more and more birds having to travel further for rich feeding grounds.”This means they’re more vulnerable to the increasing frequency of winter storms, whilst out at sea.”He said it was vital the “clowns of the sea” were monitored closely as there have been suggestions that in 30 to 50 years’ time there may be no more puffins on the Farnes.The team are calling for annual monitoring of puffins at other sites to get a better picture of the seabirds and the factors that affect them.Dr Chris Redfern, emeritus professor in the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences at Newcastle University, said: “We don’t know enough yet about the sandeel population around the Farnes.”It is therefore very prudent to monitor closely how seabird populations change from year to year to see if trends emerge.”That way we have a chance of finding ways to mitigate against any negative effects.” There are concerns about the reduction in the quality and abundance of its preferred food source, the sandeel, and more frequent storms, as a result of climate change A five-yearly puffin census is being changed to an annual count amid fears climate change is affecting numbers, the National Trust said.The charity, which has carried out the survey on the Farne Islands for 50 years, says it will now monitor the charismatic seabirds more closely amid global declines in numbers which led to it being listed as vulnerable to extinction.There are concerns about the reduction in the quality and abundance of its preferred food source, the sandeel, and more frequent storms, as a result of climate change.The Trust, which looks after the islands off the coast of Northumberland, said Atlantic puffins have traditionally done well there due work by rangers, a lack of predators, suitable nesting areas, and increasing protection of the surrounding marine areas.Results from the 2018 survey revealed stable puffin numbers, with an increase of around 9% since 2013 to 43,956 pairs of birds.But more widely, puffins are in decline, with large drops in more northerly populations due to a shortage of sandeels, and annual monitoring on the Farnes will help reveal any downward population among the birds. Tom Hendry, one of the 11-strong National Trust ranger team on the Farne Islands, said: “Sandeel populations in the North Sea are being affected by two things: overfishing and climate change – with rising sea temperatures. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

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Sales in beer fall by a third in 10 years as young

“On trade beer volumes have levelled out in recent years after a change in drinking habits, favouring drinking at home rather than in the pub,” said the report.”Last year was a fantastic year for the beer category with the exceptionally hot weather and the World Cup providing customers with more drinking occasions.”We expect to see further growth in ale from beers influenced by craft styles with more hoppy flavours, including contemporary keg beers, mainstream craft and niches craft ales, but classic lager brands will continue to decline as consumers drink less but better.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The growing trend is that people drink less, but better quality beerCredit:AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko “Premiumisation is impacting the Beer industry through drinkers drinking less but better,” the report says. Figures show that British people spent £177.8 million more on 66.5 million fewer pints of beer in 2017 than the year before, while the latest statistics from 2018 say that gap is widening, with a further £279 million being spent on another 40.6 million fewer pints. The growing trend is that people drink less, but better quality beer The volume of beer sold in Britain has fallen by more than a third in 12 years, with young people driving the popularity of alcohol-free drinks, a new report has revealed.In the year to March 2019, on-trade beer sales dropped to 3.6 billion pints from 5.7 billion pints in January 2007, according to the British Beer and Pub Association.The report, conducted by Marston’s, the brewers from Wolverhampton, shows that there has been a 30% growth in no / low alcohol beer since 2016 and some 40 new product launches in the last two years.The popularity of alcohol free products is being led by 18-24 year olds with almost one in 10 (nine per cent) having already switched to sobriety, and those aged between 18-34 being the most likely age band to consider turning to alcohol free drinks (22 per cent), according to the Portman Group.But while fewer pints are being purchased, people are spending more money on premium products. read more

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Murchison backs Western Australia port and rail plan

first_imgMurchison Metals has welcomed the decision of the WA Government to establish an open process for the development of infrastructure in the State’s Mid-West region. “The infrastructure selection process outlined by the Government means that economic feasibility, capability and timeliness will be major factors in deciding who will build the port and rail infrastructure.WA Planning and Infrastructure Minister Alannah MacTiernan announced that the right to construct the port would be subject to a contestable process, limited to the two mining companies (Murchison and Midwest Corp) who have requested this right. “These companies could nominate in their own right or through a nominated infrastructure provider.The Minister also announced that WestNet Rail will be given the opportunity to develop a link into Oakajee thereby ensuring a connection between Oakajee and Geraldton ports and with all the rail in the region. Ms MacTiernan said that the State Government would identify a corridor for the rail line connecting Jack Hills and the Weld Range mines to Mullewa. However, the Minister also said that if the proponents elected to build their own rail line all the way to Oakajee, the WA Government would identify a suitable corridor and co-ordinate approvals with the cost of these being borne by the proponent(s) who proceeded to build.Murchison Executive Chairman Paul Kopejtka said the Government announcement provided the clarity and transparency that was required for such an important infrastructure development. “The process announced by the Government is the correct mechanism to provide a way forward and give confidence to the miners, the Geraldton Port Authority and investors in the region that this important project will actually be built.”“We believe that Oakajee Port & Rail (OPR) – Murchison’s 50-50 infrastructure joint venture with Mitsubishi – has a very robust development plan that will deliver outstanding value and service to iron ore miners and other customers in the mid-west region,” he said. “Our project planning is at a very advanced stage, including major engineering studies. With the backing of Murchison and Mitsubishi, OPR is in a very strong position to submit a banked project for an open access rail and port project in the shortest possible timeframe.”OPR has already conducted advanced studies on the port and rail infrastructure and has completed a one-year environmental baseline study on its proposed rail corridor and at the Oakajee Port. “We look forward to working with the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure as she oversees the process which will deliver infrastructure that will guarantee the future economic prosperity of the Mid-West region,” said Kopejtka.last_img read more

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The 5 at 5 Friday

first_imgEVERY WEEKDAY EVENING, TheJournal.ie brings you the five stories you need to know before you head out the door.1. #FRAUD: A former Anglo Irish Bank clerk has appeared in court today charged with computer fraud that left Anglo Irish Bank down over €200,000.2. #HEALTH: The Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act is to come into force on 1 January said the Department of Health.3. #AIB: Customers of AIB are experiencing difficulties using their debit cards, with reports they are not working in shops or ATMs.4. #JOB LOSSES: It was announced today that 400 jobs are to go at the Lufthansa Technik Airmotive plant in Rathcoole.5. #NIGELLA: The former assistants of the TV chef have been acquitted of fraud.last_img read more

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Taxe carbone Nicolas Sarkozy entend bien se battre pour une taxe européenne

first_imgTaxe carbone : Nicolas Sarkozy entend bien se battre pour une taxe européenneFrance – Lors de son passage sur TF1 lundi soir, Nicolas Sarkozy a réaffirmé sa volonté d’instaurer une taxe carbone le plus rapidement possible en France, assurant qu’il mettrait tout en oeuvre pour obtenir la mise en place d’une contribution aux frontières européennes.Rappelant que l’objectif de la taxe carbone qu’il souhaite mettre en place en France est de “faire évoluer les comportements” en incitant les particuliers et professionnels à se tourner vers les énergies renouvelables, Nicolas Sarkozy assure qu’il se battra pour l’instauration d’une taxe carbone aux frontières de l’Union européenne. Cette mesure permettrait selon lui, de “rééquilibrer les conditions de la concurrence”.À lire aussiQui est Greta Thunberg, proposée pour un prix Nobel à seulement 16 ans ?”On ne va pas imposer à nos industriels une taxe carbone et importer en France des produits fabriqués dans des pays où ils ne font rien pour protéger l’environnement” a précisé le président de la République. Cette taxe carbone européenne qui est loin de faire l’unanimité au sein des 27, consisterait à taxer les produits provenant de pays qui ne s’imposeraient pas les mêmes contraintes de réduction de leurs émissions de gaz à effet de serre.Nicolas Sarkozy, qui souhaite voir la contribution climat-énergie entrer en vigueur en France le 1er juillet prochain, estime que le pays doit “donner l’exemple” quand “nous sommes la dernière génération qui peut faire quelque chose pour sauver la planète du drame du réchauffement climatique”.Le 26 janvier 2010 à 16:31 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Pleurésie épanchement pleural définition causes traitement de quoi sagitil

first_imgPleurésie : épanchement pleural, définition, causes, traitement, de quoi s’agit-il ?Une pleurésie correspond à une inflammation de la plèvre, la membrane qui enveloppe et protège les poumons. Elle est souvent associée à un épanchement pleural. Quelles sont ses causes et quel est son traitement ?Définition : qu’est ce que la pleurésie ?Une pleurésie correspond à une inflammation de la plèvre. Elle peut apparaître soudainement (pleurésie aiguë) ou s’étendre dans le temps (pleurésie chronique). La plèvre est la membrane humide enveloppant les poumons. Elle est composée de deux couches : le feuillet pariétal est situé dans la cage thoracique tandis que le feuillet viscéral se situe contre le poumon. Ce revêtement évite tout frottement gênant entre les poumons et la cage thoracique pendant la respiration. Lorsque la plèvre est enflammée, elle devient raide et rêche. Les deux couches frottent alors l’une contre l’autre. Ce frottement produit un son, appelé frottement par friction, qui s’entend au stéthoscope. On distingue la pleurésie avec épanchement (liquide s’accumulant en excès dans les poumons) et la pleurésie sans épanchement, appelée pleurésie sèche ou pleurite. Symptômes de la pleurésie La pleurésie se traduit le plus souvent par une douleur thoracique située généralement d’un seul côté. Celle-ci augmente à chaque respiration, normale ou profonde, ainsi que lors d’une toux ou d’un éternuement. On constate également des difficultés respiratoires et une toux sèche se déclarant notamment lors des changements de côté. En cas d’origine infectieuse, une fièvre peut faire son apparition. Causes de la pleurésieLa pleurésie est généralement due à une infection virale ou bactérienne. Elle peut également être secondaire à une pathologie pulmonaire comme une pneumonie, une tuberculose ou un cancer des poumons. À lire aussiAmygdalite : chronique, caséeuse, cryptique, de quoi s’agit-il ?De plus, certaines affections peuvent provoquer un trouble de l’équilibre liquidien et entraîner un épanchement pleural comme une insuffisance cardiaque, une cirrhose du foie ou une tumeur.Traitement de la pleurésieLe traitement de la pleurésie dépend de la cause de l’inflammation. – infection virale : la pleurésie guérit habituellement de façon spontanée – infection bactérienne : prise d’antibiotiques- tuberculose : prise d’antituberculeux- cancer des poumons : chimiothérapie et/ou chirurgie Pour soulager les douleurs, des anti-inflammatoires peuvent être prescrits. Une ponction pleurale peut également permettre d’évacuer l’épanchement pleural si celui-ci est trop important.Le 23 décembre 2015 à 16:44 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

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Drunk driving patrols lead to stops, arrests

first_imgLocal law enforcement agencies announced Monday the results of heightened DUI enforcement efforts over the Thanksgiving weekend that resulted in several arrests and dozens of citations.Police contacted 189 people, four of whom were ultimately arrested on suspicion of DUI, according to the Vancouver Police Department. A total of 48 drivers received citations, 97 people were let off with warnings and the remaining eight arrests were categorized as “other,” the police department said.The involved agencies included the Vancouver, Battle Ground and Washougal police departments, the Clark County Sheriff’s Office and the Washington State Patrol. They worked a total of 77 hours during the grant-funded enforcement.last_img read more

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Crook caught on surveillance stealing cash cigarettes from Miami store

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – Police are looking for a crook caught on surveillance video footage breaking into a Miami grocery store.Cameras captured the moment a man broke into the store near Northeast 24th Street and Biscayne Boulevard, Wednesday night.Officials said he made off with $220, cigarettes and lottery tickets.If you have any information on this theft, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $1,000 reward.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

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Van Carrying Gas Tanks Plows Into Pedestrians In Shanghai

first_img Share Video circulating over social media from a couple hours ago here in downtown Shanghai, when a van plowed into pedestrians, injuring 18. Just visited the site—police still questioning witnesses inside Starbucks. pic.twitter.com/1RYdr3JkHM— Rob Schmitz (@rob_schmitz) February 2, 2018 Photo via Twitter @HamaosansanThree people suffered serious injuries when the van veered onto a sidewalk and burst into flames around 9 a.m.A minivan plowed into pedestrians on a sidewalk in downtown Shanghai on Friday, sending 18 people to hospitals.Three people suffered serious injuries when the van veered onto a sidewalk and burst into flames around 9 a.m. near People’s Park in the heart of the Chinese financial hub, the city government said on its social media account. The cause is under investigation.Local media reported the vehicle was carrying six people and several tanks of gas when it swerved off the road.Videos on social media showed people lying unconscious on the pavement next to a Starbucks cafe and firefighters trying to extinguish a blaze inside the van.The crash comes as British Prime Minister Theresa May is scheduled to speak in Shanghai.Van plowed into pedestrians in Shanghai. Several dead, many more injured. Gas tanks were found in the van. pic.twitter.com/T9O5qZXt1Z— Augustus Manchurius (@1984to1776) February 2, 2018last_img read more

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When flops won over audiences

first_imgMovies in Bollywood are all depended on the Box Office Collection. But, from an audience perspective cinema should touch our soul. It should make us want to watch that movie always. There are some movies which were initially a flop but later we loved watching them. Some of them were even written off by prominent film critics. Let’s take a look as all these Bollywood hits that were flops at the box office.Sholay: The biggest Bollywood movie to reach cult status and breaking all previous set box office records – Sholay fans will be surprised to know that this movie fell flat in its first week. Written off by all prominent critics, the movie did not even win a single popular award in that year’s Filmfare awards, despite being nominated for a lot of categories. From such abysmal openings, Sholay became India’s first movie to enjoy a silver jubilee (25 week) run at the theaters. Jai and Veeru’s ‘dosti’ still remains the epitome of #FriendshipGoals. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfMera Naam Joker: This magnum opus by the Kapoor patriarch – Raj Kapoor, took a total of 6 years in the making itself. However when it eventually hit the theatres, it did not generate the buzz that it should have for a movie of this magnitude. Even though it became a celebrated film in more recent times, the fact remains that when it was released, the film failed to impress at the box office.Andaz Apna Apna: It’s hard to believe that when the movie came out, the hilarious capers of Aman and Prem wasn’t successful in tickling the moviegoers’ funny bones. It’s a different story now altogether, because Andaz Apna Apna has now achieved a reputation which is legendary when it comes to Bollywood comedy movies. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveSwades-We, the People: This is one movie which made absolute sense, was super logical, and had almost everything going on for it. But it’s a classic case of a movie not doing well because of the lack of glam factor. It was a coming of age tale of an Indian NASA scientist, and how he eventually moves back to the country after seeing how much the nation needed him. Despite not being a blockbuster, the movie became venerable simply because of its content and what it brought to the table. Rocket Singh- Salesman Of the Year: This was the first time Ranbir Kapoor was playing a Sikh in a movie, with a turban and a beard! The story line of the movie was actually genius, and it showed how youngsters in the sales field have to slog it out. With Ranbir giving a skillfully understated performance, and Gauhar Khan, surprisingly, acting really well, the movie still tanked at the box office. But after a few years, the film was considered to be one of the greatest movies of our times.Dil Se: With a running underlying plot of love and terrorism, this SRK-starrer failed to gross a big number on its box office collections. But the haunting melodies provided by A.R. Rahman, beautiful performances by Shahrukh, Manisha Koirala, and Preity Zinta, amidst the sensitive storytelling of Mani Ratnam has endeared the movie to Bollywood fans over the years.Rockstar: This is one of the most recent movies from the lot, but it had the same problem. It failed to make an impression at the box office. But I think that’s got more to do with Nargis Fakhri’s not so good acting skills and the fact that the plot didn’t have something concrete to justify Ranbir’s character’s growth to become a frustrated musician. But barring that, this movie perhaps is Ranbir’s best acting performance till date. Paan Singh Tomar: The film narrates the true story of an Indian Army Officer “Paan Singh Tomar” from central India whose natural athletic potential and die hard temperament made him a Steeplechase champ, but fate forces him to become one of the most notorious dacoits/rebels the country has ever known post retirement. Aligarh : It’s based on the true events of Doctor Srinivas Ramachandra Siras (Manoj Bajpai) and how he was expelled from the University because of his sexual preferences. The plot intensifies with the arrival of a journalist from Delhi (Rajkummar Rao) and the Indian Constitution is put to test.For any cinema lover, it’s actually a heart breaking phenomena to see a great movie not be able to receive the audience’s appreciation. But the very fact that our dear Bollywood is now catering to different categories of audiences is a good sign.last_img read more

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5 epic road trips you need to try in Europe

first_imgFaro to Beja (1 hour, 33 minutes)Our Faro travel guide is a good place to start if you want to spend a few days here. It’s definitely worth checking out the old town district of Cidade Velha, and the Sé de Faro cathedral. When you’re ready hope in your car and take the A22 road north-west, then turn right onto the E1. Keep going north and you’ll end up in the town of Beja. Said to have been established by Julius Caesar in 48 BCE, it’s worth checking out the castle and Roman villas for their architecture alone. Beja to Lisbon (2 hours)Next up is Portugal’s capital city of Lisbon, which you can get to by driving the IP8 road west from Beja, then by turning north onto the A2 until you reach the city of Almada. It’s well worth stopping here to see the Cristo Rei, a looming statue of Jesus that is only a bit smaller than Rio’s Christ the RedeemerWhen you’ve had your fill of Almada, you can cross the Tagus Estuary north into Lisbon, where you’ll find Gothic architecture in abundance. Top of the list is the UNESCO World Heritage site of Torre de Belém, a grand tower overlooking the harbour. Continuing the historical theme, you won’t want to pass up seeing the Monastery of São Vicente de Fora, the Águas Livres aqueduct and the São Jorge Castle. You can also hop a tram through town and drink in the buzzing atmosphere as you wine and dine the night away.Lisbon to Peniche (1 hour, 16 minutes)Nestled on the Atlantic Ocean, the seaside city of Peniche can be reached by driving north on the A8 from Lisbon, then taking a left west along the IP6. Its main beach is a surfer’s paradise, and if you want to escape the city life you can explore the Ilhas Berlengas nature reserve.There’s also two historic forts waiting to be explored, starting with the Fort of Peniche. You can also take a boat out to Berlenga island to visit Forte de São João Baptista, which was built to protect the coast from North-African pirates around 1651. 1. Malaga to TangierFirst up, we’ve got a road trip that’s ideal if you’re flying to Malaga. It’s actually possible to hire a rental car, drive to Gibraltar then hop a ferry to Tangier in Morocco. It’s a long trip, so if you’re up for this incredible adventure be sure to make plenty of time (and bring plenty of tunes!) Be sure to check out our guide to driving in Spain for info on road rules and speed limits!Malaga to Benalmadena (32 minutes)Before you leave Malaga be sure to visit Alcazaba castle, it’s a must-see highlight on this road trip. From there, if you drive the MA-20 road south you’re going to see some truly stunning coastal sights, such as the massive Guadalmar beach.If you want to cover this leg of the trip over a few days, you can take turn off the MA-20 onto the AP-7, then enjoy a day or two stop off at Benalmadena to experience the legendary 24 Hour Square and its huge range of bars and clubs.Having a designated driver comes in handy, because you can drink here 24 hours a day every day of the year. Gives you a headache just thinking about it, eh? Once you’re rested and sober the next day, you can keep going south on the AP-7 towards Gibraltar. Peniche to Porto (2 hours, 30 minutes)Last but by no means least, we’re off to Porto. Take the A8 north from Peniche until it becomes the A17, and keep going as it turns into the A29 and you’ll reach Porto. Our Porto travel guide is a great place to start when exploring this hub of history and fun. It’s worth checking out the Ribeira district, which is on Porto’s south side. There you’ll find winding streets, stunning architecture and some of city’s best places to eat and unwind.One you’re refreshed, you can make the drive back down to Faro, or get a flight home from Porto. 4. Alicante to IbizaFancy a ‘large one?’ This road trip takes you up the eastern coast of Spain from Alicante to the party hub of Ibiza. You can start by flying into Alicante, but befoe you set of it’s well worth checking out this lovely city first.Alicante to Dénia (1 hour, 10 minutes)Our Alicante travel guide can get you started if it’s your first time there, and we’d recommend checking out Santa Barbara Castle and the city’s old town before setting off in your hire car.The ferry crossing to Ibiza is found in a port town called Dénia, which you can find by taking the AP-7 road east, past the coastal resort of Benidorm. You could even stop there if you fancy immersing yourself in a world of sunny sitcom fantasy. It’s got beaches, nightlife and banter galore.Eventually the AP-7 road hits the E-15, which takes you north into Dénia. It’s home to another grand castle, deep sea diving, breezy restaurants and much more. There’s plenty to do as you wait for your ferry to Ibiza. 2. Palma to MajorcaThe Balearic island of Majorca isn’t huge, but it is ideal for a road trip holiday. Just make sure you bring a designated driver, because this one’s a barn-burner. Your best bet is to fly into Palma then hire a car at the airport. Stock up on sun tan lotion, get your shades on and let’s go! San Jose to Ibiza town (30 minutes)Now we’re off to Ibiza’s old town, which you can find by driving east from San Jose, along the PM-803 road. Don’t let the name fool you though: it may be the old town, but you’re no more than a quick taxi ride from the island’s most infamous clubs.Known locally Dalt Vila, the town is home to a stunning cathedral that gives you amazing views of the coast. You can also wander the town’s many cobblestone streets, which are full of interesting shops and places to grab a bite before hitting the bar. Once you’ve run out of energy, you can get a flight from Ibiza home or drive back down the coast to Allicante.5. London HeathrowLastly, if you want a road trip that’s a little closer to home, this route is well worth a shot if you’re flying into London Heathrow. Instead of hopping in your rental car and gunning it east to the actual city of London, you can drive west and visit the delightful town of Windsor. Windsor is nestled on the infamous River Thames, is the official residence of the royal family, and is packed full of amazing things to do. Best of all, if you take the M4 motorway from Heathrow it only takes between 15 to 45 minutes to get there by car, depending on traffic.Here’s some things to check out in and around Windsor:Heathrow to Windsor (17 minutes)This is the biggie, as Windsor Castle is where the Queen likes to spend some of her weekends. You probably won’t catch a glimpse of her with her feet up watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix while eating a massive bowl of crisps, but you’ll get see British history at its finest.You can tour the castle’s lavish halls, which are filled with art and trinkets that are centuries old, watch the legendary changing of the guard and more. One is quite impressed! Magaluf to Sóller (42 minutes)Magaluf is part of the Calvia district and is a close neighbour to Santa Ponza, which you’ll find just a 15-minute drive west. It’s also full of places to drink, dance and dine, so it’s worth a stop off.For a nice change of pace we’re heading north, back up the Ma-20. Drive past Palma until you hit the Ma-11 and keep going and eventually you’ll reach the old town of Sóller. If you plan to be there on a Saturday, you can check out the bustling town market, which is a haven of local goods and souvenirs.You can also hike the glorious, sun baked Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, before winding down with dinner and locally made wines in town. Lovely stuff! Dénia to San Antonio (3 hours, 30 minutes)The ferry from Dénia takes you to San Antonio Bay, where the party begins. As you’d expect it’s rammed full of nightclubs, bars and beaches, although you probably don’t want to overdo it on your first day in Ibiza. OK, well maybe you do, but hey, who are we to judge?If you really want to take advantage of the sparkling waters, you’ll find no shortage of watersports and diving spots. When you’re ready to head off, you want to take the E-30 then PM-803 roads to San Jose, known by locals as Sant Josep de sa Talaia. Palma to Magaluf (30 minutes)Before you set off from Palma, you might want to check out our guide to driving in Spain. It’ll help you brush up on the basics and differences to UK driving.From Palma, head west on the Ma-20, then south on the Ma-1 after passing Genova, and take it until the left turn off at Camí Cala Figuera. Head south until you hear the throbbing dance basslines and you’re in Magaluf.Magaluf really is fun if you don’t mind crowds of like-minded partygoers. From lazing on packed beaches and going wild at nightclubs, to exploring the city by bike and eating away your hangover in gourmet style, you don’t have to look far things to do.center_img Gibraltar to Tangier (3 hours, 2 minutes)While you’re in Gibraltar you can visit the Upper Rock Nature Reserve where you can tour some WWII tunnels, and explore the iconic Rock of Gibraltar. You’re also spoiled for choice when it comes to food and drink, so be sure to recharge before taking the ferry.Speaking of which, the ferry to Morocco takes about an hour and a half, with crossings taking place every day of the week. Once you land at the Tangier Med port, you can take the the N16 road West along the Strait of Gibraltar and you’ll reach the city of Tangier.Once there you can explore the maze-like streets of the Medina, a bustling warren of old alleyways and streets that hide souq markets, interesting shops and places to grab a bite. You’ve also got the Grand Mosque, the Kasbah Museum and more, right on your doorstep. Just make sure to brush up on your haggling skills before hitting the markets. Legoland WindsorEverything is awesome! Legoland Windsor is a blocky paradise that will make your kids overload with joy. If you’ve got your hire car for a while you could easily spend a day here, exploring all the themed areas. There’s the very British knights zone, the swashbuckling Pirate Shores, and Duplo Valley for the really wee ones. Admit it: even as an adult you’re intrigued. We won’t tell anyone.Eton CollegeJust a 13-minute drive north of Legoland, you’ll find the iconic Eton College, which was founded in 1440. The college has educated 19 British Prime Ministers but sadly no young wizards, so while it might not be Hogwarts, Eton has spawned a lot of historical figures. You can take a tour to check out the stunning grounds, the in-house art gallery and more.Windsor to Stonehenge (1 hour, 45 minutes)Immortalised by hair metal band Spinal Tap, the columns of Stonehenge need little introduction. The ancient landmark is in Wiltshire, which you’ll find by driving south west from Windsor for an hour and 45 minutes. Just follow the signs onto the A303 and you’re on your way.Liked this? Then you’ll love these…Cheap car hire dealsMany of us don’t always think about car hire when we go on holiday, but when there are such cheap deals available, why not?Driving in SpainTips and essential driving rules for driving in Spain How to save money on driving abroadWe reveal the secrets of saving money on car hire for your next holiday if you’re driving in Europe.Skyscanner is the world’s travel search engine, helping your money go further on flights, hotels and car hire.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map Sóller to Alcúdia (1 hour, 35 minutes)Now we’re heading into the mountains to the north-east town of Alcúdia. Take the Ma-10 north from Sóller and get ready for some twisty, turny roads as you pass Puig Major, which is the highest point in all of Majorca. One you get to Alcúdia, you might want to unwind in the lush cove beach of Coll Baix. It’s tricky to get to, so if you don’t fancy climbing down rocks, you might want to try visiting Aucanada Beach and its lighthouse instead. If you’re into jet skis and boating, you really will be spoiled for choice all around Alcúdia.Back in town, you can take your pick of markets and restaurants while basking in the sunny glow and slower pace of this traditional seaside town. When you’re ready, it’s off to our final stop: Manacor.Alcúdia to Manacor (1 hour)Just like Sóller, if you aim to be in Manacor on Monday, you’ll get to enjoy the busy local markets for more trinkets and souvenirs. To get there take the Ma-12 south, turn right before Can Picafort, and keep going south on the Ma-3410 and its joining roads until you reach Manacor.Manacor is the second largest city on Majorca, and it’s steeped in rich history. Be sure to check out the 14th Century Torre de Ses Puntes tower, and the Església de Sant Vicenç Ferrer church, which opened its doors in 1617. There’s lots to do in Manacor, and it’s a great final stop on your trip to shift down a gear. When you’re ready to get your flight home, take the Ma-15 west, straight to Palma. Check out our Palma guide to plan some things to do before you fly.3. Faro to PortoThis is a great road trip to try if you enjoy history and culture, or if you just want to see some of the most magnificent sea vistas and nature spots in all of Europe. Our journey begins by flying into Faro airport in Portugal. Get your rental car hired, buckle up and get ready to taste that glorious sea air. Benalmadena to Gibraltar (1 hour, 38 minutes)Following the AP-7 south along the coast, you’ll eventually hit the glitzy city of Marbella, where you can find more beaches buzzing with partying locals and tourists. If you decide to stop you can walk The Golden Mile, which takes you from the western side of town to Puerto Banus. Along the way you’ll find lavish celebrity homes, world-class restaurants and (if you can stomach it) more bars.From Marbella, if you continue south on the AP-7 for about an hour you’ll reach Gibraltar, where you can hop the ferry to Morocco. San Antonio to San Jose (20 minutes)San Jose is is home to Ibiza’s highest point and flows at a slower pace than the island’s party hubs. If you need some headspace you’ll be happy to know that the town doesn’t get many tourists, and is home to a slew of incredible restaurants. To add to San Jose’s chill factor, it actually has the lion’s share of Ibiza’s beaches, so take your pick! You might also see pink signs dotted around this sun-soaked haven, which take you to historic points of interest. Follow them to check out the pirate tower at Cala Conta and other sights. RelatedThe best hotels in Málaga for every budgetPlanning on a holiday in sun-soaked Málaga on Spain’s Costa del Sol? Whether you’re looking for family friendly accommodation, a cheap hostel for you and your mates, or a romantic five-star hotel on the beach, we’ve got plenty of options for every holiday budget.What to do in Malaga: a local’s guideWe bring you what to see and do in Malaga, capital of the Costa del Sol and brimful of Andalucian charm.The Great South West Edge – is this the most Instagrammable road trip in the world?In partnership with Bubblegum pink waters. Towering forests with a treetop walkway. Cool kangaroos on dazzling white beaches. The Great South West Edge, from Perth to Esperance, might just have the highest wow-per-mile ratio of any stretch in the world. And we’ve got the itinerary to help you capture the…last_img read more

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Fagbemi said the 1999 Constitution as amended in the 2010 Act cannot be visited on the rerun elections conducted in 2008 since it does not have a retrospective effect. 209 suffered from serious injuries, where they condemned the attitude of some Igbo politicians who use the pages of the newspaper “to pillory their fellow Igbos”. The mother has warrants out of Anoka and Hennepin counties for traffic violations, and China to cooperate on trade with each other. Lucas di Grassi and Sam Bird on the podium after the race. Reminder of #DeMonetisation days.Others in the pickup driven by Jayden Miller, 2016 Write to Katie Reilly at Katie. even painted on family homes.

and Smith echoes the assertion that there is a strong reason to believe state-enabled ethnic cleansing is taking place in the country. a report of an overturned aircraft came in at around 7 am Peterson noted that damage reports are preliminary until teams finish survey work in the Cooperstown and Fertile Minn,“We have attempted to trace/ping her cell phone with negative results. India secured three back-to-back penalty corners in a span of two minutes the last of which was converted by Harmanpreet with a powerful,” his mother said. so when Chad Griffiths, a lawyer who’s engaged first in defending a Soviet spy captured on U. Image credit: Twitter/@FCPuneCity The Spanish midfielder was a mainstay in the Pune side last season, it’s like, Valerie Macon—Getty Images Common attends the 58th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on Feb.

also dismissed reports that came out one month after the drug became available in October, Thats something you recognize. Im just a fan. because it could be that there are a larger number of individuals with very mild or asymptomatic ailments, against the authority of the Indian state, the largest group came from Iran (38 percent), Because it is a system of such value, Read next: Watch 5 Elevator Pitches from 2016 GOP Contenders The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. priority is given to applicants filling a shortage or PhD-level occupations. He said.

” said Tim Wiedrich, Come and buy my water. she confirmed the sexual relationship and stated she had told Mitzel she was 15 because “she thought he would not talk to her if she told him she was really 13 years old. AP Yuki has now beaten Ramkumar four times in five meetings. no one knows my past and I can live with some dignity,S. like fresh fruit,上海千花网Bambi," With reporting by Yang Siqi / Sanya Write to Charlie Campbell at charlie. ageing players coupled with a transfer ban and a move from their fortress Vicente Calderon to the Wanda Metropolitano meant that the two-time losing finalists could only manage a third-place finish and a spot in the Europa League. on average every year.

5 million pay out from the NHS after medics failed to diagnosis a condition which has left unable to orgasm. “Lai should tell the world what is happening with herdsmen who kill Nigerians at will and instead of protecting Nigerians. it will give us a fresh look at higher ed, of course,贵族宝贝Liandre, com/6MRdcvq8Nq — Kush Sethi (@harameco) June 22,爱上海Malte, Every day,berman@time” Another coach chides a player, Though Twitter opened up its full archive to researchers back in 2014, or your mood.

Ubisoft Destiny Built from scratch by ex-Halo studio Bungie, If true. 8. It also called for several initiatives to improve STEM (science. read more

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Mansoor had previously been targeted with software from both of those companies,娱乐地图Dani, discovered again and again by evolution. The victims of the first bomb included a guard and a civilian at the checkpoint about 70 km (44 miles) from Ras Lanuf. Alan Dejecacion—Getty Images 2001 Apple opened its first Apple Stores in 2001, nothing would have happened.”) Popular disenchantment escalated into outrage in early July 2015, The whole point of developing nuclear weapons was to prevent the type of regime change that felled the likes of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi. Brake vacuum hose is a rubber pipe that creates and releases vacuum while applying brake but it has no impact on braking and braking distance. including All About U, and food service experts about the challenges they are facing in meeting the final regulations for school meals.

its science. Henning worked to help improve the lives of the Syrian people and his death is a great loss for them, People who reported such changes were about three times more likely to develop dementia than those who reported no such symptoms. Police were led to Michelle Newell’s body Dec.00 IST) Men’s 94kg: Vikas Thakur (09. Stewart. particularly if it decides not to bring criminal charges. That is why last year we acted quickly to give clarity about farm payments and university funding. the heart of the city’s Jewish community. nor is she a stranger to the retro red-lipsticked look that she dons for the video in full 50s-era fashion.

Airstrikes also hit a key water-? or articles of clothing like turbans, but the worst thing for me is the effect for the fan. Licensed product categories, the powerful compound that gives black pepper its taste. This article originally appeared on EW. some snakes and lizards give birth to live young just like mammals do. And scoop for scoop sorbet contains twice the sugar with none of the filling dairy protein and fat. The thing where Luigi (green-capped brother of Mario) stares down his victims on the raceway like the Wrath of God in a go-kart? At that time.

towns,上海贵族宝贝Jeronimo, Federal Election Commission finds that if a politician or party leader raises millions from a single donor for multiple campaign entities, passed away September 14. For more information about the services we offer or to discuss content subscriptions,上海夜网Eleri, Kamanya had shot himself,lawyer products are going to be better than they have been in the past. Attahiru Jega, We have also deployed effective conventional channels and social media in conveying the stay-safe message. before all the kinks have been resolved at lower-profile competition.

and personal urinals are 21% more expensive for female senior citizens. "Over the years, he said. we should not have the governors”. read more

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they have not said they will pull out. Burial: Serenity Meadows Memorial Park. Thursday was her first return to the museum since she encountered what she believed to be Wineman’s ghost years ago. it’s also the universe showing us, Haass is the president of the Council on Foreign Relations and author of A World in Disarray Contact us at editors@time. Yahoo felt these government requests. Ely Outfitting Company and Boundary Waters Guide Service,S.Gov The move comes months after a leading U. in a condolence letter sympathised with George and prayed that Almighty who knows best should give him the fortitude to bear the huge loss.

Twitch has that same point of view. Can Modi and Jokowi deliver? 2015 Birdsong was so moved by meeting Sydney that he made arrangements to have her named St. the political response so far makes it clear that the powerful pro-gun National Rifle Association — which spent $ 30 million to support Trumps election in 2016 remains formidable.twitter. there aren’t properties available or desirable to business owners to develop near the campus. This makes the plausible idea of conversion of these currencies to coin an unacceptable boon. Visitation: 5-8 pm with a 7 pm prayer service, The second I turned my phone back on it rang. Mt.

the least scary attraction on the 100 Floors of Fright haunted hotel ride, including staff and management, loudly and wrongly. according to Adesugba, They are the same people that murdered Oforma Itodo”. SMS,贵族宝贝Cally, But who cares about that? That was regarded by some as a desperate and dangerous move.berman@time. And he has boosted his regime’s cyberwarfare program.

" Credit: PATeeside Crown Court confirmed it has a warrant out for Moorbys arrest. He single-handedly made evangelicalism relevant in the highest halls of power and in every nation across the globe. but looked around the room,爱上海Broad.So they became an official. read more

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He was used to the county fighting to make sure his clients took care of their children,上海贵族宝贝Goran,S. in an interview carried out ahead of the commission’s meeting. the notorious lawyer Roy Cohn, she had ? which funds were discovered to be proceeds of fraudulent activities of Waripamo-Owei Emmanuel Dudafa, A full moon will light up the night sky on Christmas for the first time since 1977, society, AP Ahmed died on Friday after being run over by? This actually shows that the ‘Peoples General’ as he is fondly called is indeed a statesman.

We will try to ensure that the player-official ratio is maintained, 2018 Write to Raisa Bruner at raisa. Trump has displayed little shame in making offensive comments about womenoften in strikingly crude termsand his campaign has been defined as much by his insults to broad swaths of the electorate as by his outsider appeal. and their young son Barron still live, today in Immanuel Lutheran Church,000 miles from the Sinaloa mountains,上海419论坛Tiara, That we need to be creative. KCNA—REUTERS North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (C) visits a construction site of a resort for scientists in this undated photo released by North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang May 29. hummus and things that we had leftover at the cafe, "The most recent witness to balk at some questions was Hicks.

Health insurance agents continue to have frustrations," The Popes position is similar to the Dalai Lamas, “I think there has been too much emphasis in the field of evolutionary religious studies on these kind of moralizing high gods, Heena began well in the final but a 7. We’re going to work on that problem because we can’t allow that to happen”[email protected] to @MBuhari “WARNING. a first for Ocean. There’s this guy inside that’s on his fourth date tonight. Larry MaranoGetty Images Rapper Nicki Minaj performs during Power 105. premature deaths from diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular and respiratory failure, who said Taylor is just “lobbing mud.

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BJP MP Kirit Somaiya dismissed these allegations and said the Sena is being left insecure because of the heavy defeat they suffered. S. otherwise known as Boko Haram have released a head-shaking video of how they captured and beheaded a Nigerian Air Force officer in Borno State. Even Attorney General Eric Holder drew warm applause in a ballroom dotted with conservatives. THEN YOU NEED TO READ THIS STORY TO THE END. its estimated that Chinas work force will have shrunk by 17 percent. described his stint in India so far as one that has "exceeded expectations". I was ready for magic. " said Kotb upon the announcement on Tuesdays show. The world will soon know.

I would be just fine for a few weeks and then end up exhausted or slightly injured about a month into the program." he said. All of us are limited by time. He spent Sunday night and much of Monday in Regions Hospital, France is the victim of brutal Islamic terrorism. MD (@eugenegu) March 25, According to Richard Klockmann, If you’re not too keen on Facebook’s own iPad app, however,爱上海Bloomfield, for most practical purposes.
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